Some Guilt Free Snacking with Get Baked

Healthy Snacking with Get Baked

Get Baked Products – Why do we eat fried and unhealthy food? Doesn’t this happen to all of us? Our overscheduled life gets us a little nuttier than normal and we end up going straight for that bag of chips and endless cups of sugared Colas or coffee. And the time to workout never comes adding to that extra weight we hate to put on. Right?
What if I told you to Go ahead and indulge, go guilt-free and bite into a nutritious Chocolate chip cookie. Would you believe me? You would think of the calories you will take on with every bite.

Read on my Guilt-free trip with GET BAKED.

‘ Get Baked’ is a company that manufactures a range of health food snacks and offer functional and wellness benefits, daily nutrition and guilt-free munching.

Get Baked
Blockbuster Choco Chip Cookies

I was very impressed by the Chocolate chip cookies. It was a huge circle of heavenly richness. However, these cookies are not laden with refined sugar. The ingredients for cookies are  Oats flour, almond flour, whole wheat flour, organic brown sugar, butter, eggs and nothing else. It had that special flavour and were so freshly baked. Each bite had an added sweet smile on my face. They crumbled and melted away in the mouth instantly. Yes now isn’t that the guilt-free indulgence I promised? Hang on there is more πŸ™‚

get baked
Cranberry Cookie + Coffee = YUMMY

This cookie was unique with cranberries and nuts popping out of it to tease me. I had it the next day with a cup of coffee. It was not too sweet, just as I like my cookies to be. I especially liked the added crunch of Almond and enjoying chewing on it till it melted. The taste lasts quite a while and you can easily be satisfied with two cookies and feel quite full  πŸ™‚


Get Baked
Pop, Chew, Relish and Repeat
get baked
Goodness for everyone



I tried out the Maple Variant first, loved the crunchy texture and felt happy instantly, having my favourite type of snack but not getting guilty over it. Salty and sweet this Rock Crunch is an awesome treat for my family. However, the Dark Chocolate variant will be a hit with the kids. This can be given to them coz it’s laden with the goodness of oats, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, honey, organic brown sugar, maple syrup, and salt. So you read right!! There is NO MAIDA at all.
So go all out and order yourself a bunch of these goodies. Their products are 100% natural and contain no preservatives or added flavours. The shelf life is good too πŸ™‚

Product Range

Crunch rocks – Range: Maple, Chocolate, Cranberry and Sugar-Free
Crunch rocks – Ingredients: Oats, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, honey, organic brown sugar, salt and nothing else
Cookies – Range: Cranberry almond and Chocolate chip
Cookies – Ingredients: – Oats flour, almond flour, whole wheat flour, organic brown sugar, butter, eggs and nothing else

Get Baked
The Get Baked Range

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Get Baked Now. 


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