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Skin and Body Nourishment with BFF Skincare and Fragrances

Hello to all my beautiful BFFs

Its been quite a while since I last wrote a beauty post. So I thought it would be a good time to review and bring to you a range of beauty and personal care products for the beautiful woman who wants the best – BFF Skincare and Fragrances range.
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With each passing year our skin ages and loses its elasticity. We face problems of age spots, dull skin and wrinkles.
I know this feeling is a nightmare to any woman, right ?? but, hey ladies, worry not. Here comes the rescuer. I checked out four of the BFF products recently and let me share the wonderful results with you all.

BFF – The Company

Bff (Girl’s Best Friend Forever) is a premium brand of quality skin care products like Creams, Serums, Lotions, Body oils, Body care, Hair care, Facial Kit and Fragrances.
Sourced in synergy with nature, on the foothills of Shivalik, in the Doon valley, Bff brand of products believes in is being committed to maintaining excellent quality and delivering Skincare Products based on Home Based Recipes made from Plant Derived Ingredients. So what you get is Truly A Natural Range of Personal Care products Enriched with SUPER FOODS.

So lets review now

BFF Pore Minimizing serum with Noniberry and Chia Seed oil

A sturdy spray bottle, you can extract the right amount needed by you. This is a good product for women with clogged up facial pores gained due to pimples. Skin is rough and problematic. It works best on t-zone, nose, and chin, but can be used anywhere on the face. After a few days you will see a visible difference in the pores. It starts to diminish slowly but surely.

BFF Face Scrub with Coffee beans and Dead Sea Salts

On opening the jar, you will get a strong whiff of coffee, that instantly rejuvenates you. You need to gently exfoliate the dead skin off. Can be used for the entire body and hands. Repair all your skin imperfections and expose softer and smoother by getting rid of dead skin cells and gives smooth and soft skin. This scrub help to fight premature skin aging like wrinkles, sun spots, fine lines and reduce cellulite. Using this scrub on my hands helped me get rid  tan keeping it silky soft and hydrated.

BFF Revitalizing Body Oil with Argan Oil & Chia seed Oil

The benefits of the oil are plenty, use it day or night. BFF Revitalizing Body Oil gets quickly absorbed in the skin. This oil is specially formulated to hydrate the skin, leaving the feeling of softness and rejuvenation. It has anti-inflammatory that heals dry skin boosts cell regeneration, that is so important in the aging process. I have made it a beauty regime to apply at bed time, it induces good sleep while deeply nourishing and moisturizing my skin.

BFF Anti-Aging Cream with Ginseng and Argan Oil

This product contains Sweet Almond Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Shea Butter, Vitamin E Acetate, Ginseng Extract, Argan Oil and Fragrance. It is a rich cream that is especially formulated for matured and aging skin. I have just recently started applying it gently to my face before bed time. It is improving  my skin health and reducing the appearance of aging.


All BFF skin care products contain only natural ingredients. Now getting a flawless and healthy skin is not a dream anymore. It can be achieved with BFF skin care products. Also remember, a healthy skin depends on healthy diet so the best thing is to combine the two and also drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to keep it supple and hydrated. Taali ek haath se nahi bajti !!

All products are available on their website, Nykaa and Amazon India.

Now pamper yourself and proclaim with pride “Main Apni Favourite Hoon”

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