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Simple Tips to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

Simple Tips to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

The last two years of the Pandemic and staying at home, has given me an experience of a different kind. I have gained plenty of wisdom that has made me the person whom I am today. A person who wants to live in the present. It is all that I have, to live in the moment and make the most of my precious today.  Pursuing my travel dreams get even more difficult with travel restrictions and overseas laws due to Covid-19.

My anxieties are rising day by day and the feelings are turbulent. I need to get a hold of my emotions. Carefree travelling…  I miss traveling and meeting new people, as in the good old days. It’s really comforting and less stressful talking to strangers. Funny enough, solo traveling makes me less anxious. I feel like there are so many reasons it should make me more anxious, but it doesn’t. I feel good not knowing what to expect at the next bend or turning. 

Indian States are slowly and surely opening up for tourism and one can pursue their travel plans with safety and precautions.

And if you are planning to travel soon, here are some tips that you must keep in mind. 

Simple Tips to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

5 Simple Tips to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

1.Slow Travel:

And what does one mean by slow travel? The art of slow travel has always existed, but keeping the current situation in mind, it has become a necessity and wise option. Instead of planning a 4-5 days holiday, one should plan a longer duration. This is when you can cover the planned itinerary at a slower pace in a relaxed manner. It not only helps to avoid overcrowded areas but also gives you a chance to explore more and get the best experience.

2. Travel with a valid Covid test:

It is very easy to photoshop Covid test reports for flights and other travel requirements, as this is the first thing people are asking nowadays. While many states in India have made Covid tests mandatory for tourists, you must get it done too. Getting a test done not only ensures your safety without cheating but also allows you a carefree travel experience.

Simple Tips to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

3. Travel to off-beat places:

While the entire Nation is flocking to hill stations like Manali, Lonavala and beach destinations like Goa, its building a cause for concern for the 3rd Covid wave. Lesser visited places like Andaman, Kerala, Tirthan Valley, have less tourists and hence could be is a safer option. Road trips to lesser known destinations are what every traveler is opting for. Drive down Goa highway to a lesser known destination on the way like Kharepatan which offers Homestay with local cuisines.

4. Learn more about the place:

Rules on entry in different states and travel requirements keeps on updating from time to time. Hence it’s better to read thoroughly about permits, e-pass, lockdown timings & restrictions on public places, before leaving for the trip. Be sure to view the Covid-19 guidelines for traveling to different countries before booking a flight so you know exactly what precautions you need to take.

5. Sanitize and mask:

Simple Tips to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

These two objects have become our way of life.  Never leave the house without a sanitizer and a mask. People still don’t understand their importance. As they say prevention is better than cure. And in the case of Covid this is the best possible prevention. So please mask up and don’t risk your life for a few thrills and photographs. 

Also a few tips you can use before you set out on your adventure

1. If you have taken both your vaccines, it’s a good idea to carry your vaccination certificate.
2. If planned an overseas trip, book airlines which give you the option of blocking your seats so that you can maintain social distancing easily.
3. Also prefer nonstop flights, without a stop over to limit exposure to the virus.
4. Book tickets which are refundable, just in case you test Covid positive.
5. And last but not the least, keep washing hands as often as you can and carry disinfectant sprays to use on public surfaces you touch.

My final thoughts

Travel has changed and we have to change too. What was once normal for us has become so special. To breathe fresh air without a mask on… is all I want to do right now. Nothing to be taken for granted any more. Travel Safe … Be Safe!

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