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Roam Unlimited with family and these tips.

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It’s that time of the year where you have finally decided to go roaming on an international vacation with your family this season? While most of you must be excited about this family trip, it also requires you to stay pre-planned in order to have the most amazing time with your family and make life long memories. Remember that this trip is going to be a learning experience for your kids, a reconnecting time amongst family members, a break away from stress and mundane life routine. So, here are some ways to preplan your trip as these little plans can go a long way and make a difference for everyone on the trip.


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Don’t underestimate the long hour of flight journey
International flights can be exhausting – for your kids, for your parent and even for you. Long hours of a journey can take a toll on anyone as one goes through – long check-in queue, exhausting security check, longboarding time and sitting at one seat for hours. And let’s address the elephant in the room – No one likes agitated kids on the flight, neither you nor the fellow passengers. So stay prepared with kid-friendly food, toys, magazine, and another comforting pillow to make this journey easy for all.

Teach your kids about the culture
When you travel internationally with your family, your kids are exposed to an entirely new culture. Considering kids and their high energy, parents must garner ways to engage kids with the local culture. One of the fun ways of doing this is to teach your kids to speak “hello”, “Thank you”, “Good bye” in the local language. Nothing breaks the ice like a cheerful “ Hola” in Spain, and “ Merci Beaucoup” can help you express your gratitude in France.

Provide options and plans for all family member.
It’s a family vacation, so how about including activities that everybody can enjoy? Don’t just take your family for a vacation; include them while planning out your day. Ask kids especially, what they would like to do today, this will keep them excited and relish their mood. You can enjoy the Louvre in France but don’t forget to book the amazing Disneyland tickets for the kids. Don’t neglect your family’s wish list as keeping them aware of the journey will have them enthused.

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Travel light

Teach kids to do without certain things for few days, they don’t have to carry along the entire house. Also, teach them to carry their own luggage. Travel light and share responsibility amongst yourself so that all can go on board happily for new opportunity and experiences.


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Read more on And don’t hesitate to roam unlimited the world, making memories while on a trip and not distress. You can also check my Blogpost on some Travel tips for Summer here: Summer Travel Tips

Happy traveling!

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  • Purnima Nanavati

    Very well written.Ur so right frm long flight where no room to stretch out to sleepyness makes travel quite an ordeal.Keeping children on the planning stage helps in 2 ways.1)they feel important tht they r included.2)they knw exactly wht they will get when they reach.So the surprise element turns into adventure mode.V time is also imp so plz do t forget to snatch tht for u and ur loved one.

    • sweetannu

      Yes Purnima, travel can be fun yet quite an ordeal. Inspite of preparation, one cannot predict. Keeping children in our plans and training them helps us to enjoy the vacation better. Stay blessed dear

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