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Return to Thailand the Second Time

Return to Thailand

This was my second trip to Bangkok, in fact, a beautiful return to Thailand. I was wanting to explore more this time. Everything about life, art, music, fashion, and most of all the street food and all that Thai cuisine. The first time I had just visited Bangkok but this time I decided to add Pattaya to my list, experience some adventure activities, soak up the sun and simply relax. Although I had won a 2N/3D trip with TUI travels, I had to add the expense of two extra nights in Pattaya and that of my travel partner,
my dear husband – Jehanbux Irani in the month of May.

Selfie time


Thailand – So much to see and do.

Thailand is a great destination for a family trip because it is cheap, easy visa on arrival, and will prove to be a great family budget holiday for all ages. Let me take you through a day to day Travel log of my Thailand trip.

Return to Thailand
This is a Footfie
Well organized Indian Airport
Day 1‬ ‪‎Bangkok Diaries

It was an early morning flight, practically no sleep but I was still excited to click a selfie and post a picture on facebook. Social media updates are a part and parcel of our travel itinerary.



Our new Mumbai‬ terminal has that wow factor, Now I can get the feel of an International airport and proudly boast to everyone about it. The Air India flight was very comfortable, practically no turbulence felt at all. Pattaya was our first stop.


Straight from the airport by coach to the Loma Resort – A very basic and 3-star hotel. But the pool is the best part here and you can just spend the whole day lazing around and basking in the sun. So happy to return to Thailand

Return to Thailand
Pretty Alcazar girls calling out to pose and click pictures


The evening was special because we all just had to sit back, relax, and be captivated by ostentatious performances of Pattaya’s charming drag queens or ladyboys as they call themselves. You can not leave Pattaya without seeing the “Alcazar Show”.  Its a marvelous combination of music, dance and, costume.


Day 2 Bangkok Diaries

  Day two was going to be a hectic day, but the bumper breakfast could not be skipped.


There were Para sailing and a trip to Coral island. It was hot but the company and the lovely beach was a great compensation. Lots of selfies, more friendships, and suntan today.


Post lunch we visited the Pattaya underwater world. It features a 100-meter long underwater tunnel with a capacity of 3.8 million liters of water, which showcases an impressive diversity of 5,000 fishes from 500 species from Thailand and around this region. It was a beautiful experience.

frame 6IMAG1116IMAG1128

The night is always young and we did visit the night hotspot that evening” The walking street” and enjoyed a few beers and the typical Thai food. It is spicy and very flavorsome.


Day 3 Bangkok Diaries


The morning swim relaxed me, we packed and were ready to leave for Bangkok. The journey by car caught us with huge dark clouds, lightning and a few thundershowers.

Return to Thailand
These fruits are so delicious
Meat on a stick.
Return to Thailand
Shoppers Paradise

The evening was relaxed, walking the streets of Sukhumvit, Indra Market, and streets around our hotel. Trying out the street from every food cart. The aromas fill up the roads inviting you to try every bit being stirred up in the woks. Rice, noodles and yummy spicy chicken. I especially enjoyed the fruits and coconut water, this was the highlight of my Bangkok trip.

new frame 1
The reclining Buddha
The Golden Buddha
Day 4 Bangkok Diaries


Here goes another day in shoppers Paradise but not before paying homage to Lord Buddha.We visited Golden Buddha and reclining Buddha too. If you go to Bangkok you must visit the temples, with all Golden Buddha blessing you its a different feeling.


I met a Comedy Circus fame Bharati look-alike ( who was our tour guide for the day), quite a comedy queen herself. You can tell from the way she posed for the photograph.

frame 7
Selfie in the market
Deep fried creepy crawlies

Lucky to be in Bangkok this time to catch the weekend market. The Chatuchak weekend  Bazaar is huge and without a doubt, one of the top action-packed attractions in this city.  Stalls run along both sides of the street so take your time and wander around and soak up the busy atmosphere. Hustling and bustling with locals and everyone having varied shopping interests.


Sipping on cold coffee whilst listening to children performances in the market was a thrilling experience for me. From pets to furniture everything is sold here. It’s also a great opportunity to stock up on some of those classic souvenirs and unique handicrafts and yet again savor some Thai street food.

#‎Day5‬ ‪#‎BangkokDiary‬ Last minute shopping, packing and the
goodbyes were highlights of the day.

Tuktuk is the highlight of Bangkok

I had to take that ride in a Tuktuk to complete the Thai experience.
We took a group ‪#‎selfie‬ to lift the mood of waiting in queue for the Air India flight counter to open. I can’t get enough of Thailand, will visit soon for more. So, for now, its SweetAnnu signing off.


Thailand is one of the most fascinating and thrilling places in the world and whether you’re there for a week, a month or a year, Return to Thailand will be an experience that will last a lifetime.


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