Quick and Easy Vermicelli Kheer Recipe

Vermicelli Kheer Recipe

A Vermicelli Kheer recipe is really easy and needs no occasion to be made. just an extra liter of milk in the fridge and it is an easy dish to make. This Vermicelli Kheer Recipe or Sevaiyan ki kheer, a very easy to make a sweet dish. . . . It is made with just a few basic ingredients and is worth a try!

With ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen, it can be stirred up in a jiffy Voila!! Vermicelli Kheer Tayyar hai to serve and savor with pride. I decided to make Vermicelli kheer this Sunday, inspired by a picture put up on Twitter by the FBAI. My family was in for a treat. Here goes the quick and easy ingredients and the recipe I usually use to make it.

Vermicelli Kheer recipe
The Pot of Vermicelli Kheer



  • Vermicelli- 1 cup
  • Milk- I liter
  • Ghee to roast vermicelli
  • Cashew nuts- Handful
  • Raisins- handful
  • Sugar- 1 cup sugar
  • Green cardamom powder- 1 Tsp

    Vermicelli Kheer recipe
    The Milk and Seviya boiling together
    The thickening of the milk
    The thickening of the milk


    1. Use a nonstick or heavy bottom frying pan to roast the seviyan in ghee for about two minutes on medium-low heat. Set aside to cool.
    2. Pour milk in the pan and let it come to a boil first.
    3. Add sugar and let it dissolve in milk.
    4. Add the Seviyan and stir often to ensure the milk does not burn in the bottom of the pan, and also keep scraping the sides of the frying pan.
    5. Simmer till for some 5-7 minutes till the seviyan (vermicelli) gets cooked and the milk thickens a little. Add the cardamom powder too.
    6. Turn off Gas as it gets thicker when cooled
    7. Stir in chopped Cashew nuts and Raisins. Garnish with a few for better presentation.
  • Vermicelli Kheer recipe
    It’s ready to relish
    Mothers Recipe Mix
    Mothers Recipe Mix

    Your yummy Vermicelli Kheer is ready. This can be served hot or cold.
    However this time I did a short cut and used Mothers Recipe  Vermicelli Payasam( Sevai Kheer), Mix. The packet is for Rs 50/-. I just mixed the whole packet in one liter of milk and let it cook for 15 minutes. The result was the same authentic taste I get when I use my recipe. This was creamy and loved by my entire family.

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