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Q – Quit Smoking Just Now!

Quit Smoking Just Now!

They say it is not easy to quit smoking. And trust me when I say, it is not easy, I know how difficult it is. Yet, it is not impossible. I had a smoker in my family for 33 years and have seen him struggle to quit. Finally, the combination of will power, support system, and determination won against this deadly addiction. Quitting smoking is extremely tough, but it’s surely worth it!

It is a well-known fact that smoking cigarettes have tremendous negative effects on your health.  Stained teeth and skin, heart-related problems, and above all the threat of lung cancer. And these are just a few dangers of smoking.  

Quit Smoking Just Now

Once you have made up your mind to quit smoking it becomes easier to do so. For many smokers, it is part of their daily routine and habits are difficult to get rid off. A puff after a meal, or when you get up in the morning or while taking a stroll is hard to give up as it is interrelated to the daily routine.  In the early days, it was a status symbol amongst the social circle.  

Here are some tried and tested tips to help you break your nicotine addiction and kick the cigarette habit forever.

1. Be patient with yourself

Do not indulge in self-blame or self- pity when you are trying to quit smoking. And if you start smoking again, don’t assume it to be a failure. You are on the first step to start learning to quit. You have tried and have the right inclination to quit. Try to analyze the situation and focus on what led to your relapse. Plan again and always be patient.  

2. Keep on Trying

 Realize that every smoker can be a quitter. A few practices are all that it will take but eventually you will have the power to give up smoking completely. Keep trying and make up your mind that you will give it up totally one day for good. Try try and you will succeed.

3. Rework your routine

You may have a set pattern or routine in the day when your smoking habit gets triggered. Be aware of those moments, and then make a plan to avoid them or change them. For example- If you drive to work and smoke on the way, try to take the bus or car-pool that will divert your mind and avert reasons to trigger off the urge.  

Quit Smoking Just Now

4. Identify your smoking triggers

Certain elements in our daily routines, e.g. drinking coffee, finishing office in evening, nature’s call, celebrating with friends are some of the smoking triggers. They often lead to a quitter reaching out for the cigarette once again. If you genuinely wish to give up smoking then you need to identify the triggers and learn how to deal with it. Awareness is the keyword here. Infact,  it is the first step to successfully making the plan to quit smoking.

5. Cope with withdrawal symptoms

A smoker’s biggest problem while quitting smoking is the fear of withdrawal symptoms. It is often considered as one of the greatest hurdles to stop smoking. A strong willpower and positive mindset can help in such cases. An attitude of no matter what, will always help in such a situation. If cravings to smoke arise, then a brisk walk, deep breathing, chewing gum, or exercising may also prove helpful.  

7. Seek support

Tell your family, your good friends, and your office colleagues, to function as your support system. People who are connected with you day and night will keep a vigil on your movements. They will help you to quit smoking. Such support or check is so important in the early stages.

8.  Use Nicotex gums

There are alternative techniques that also can be used for a gradual quitting process. Nicotine gum, lozenges, and patches improve your chances of success in a quit-smoking endeavor. These are replacement therapies which are easily available at medical outlets.

9. Celebrate small achievements

Even if you have made it through the weekend without a smoke, pat yourself on this big achievement. A stepping stone to take you through your journey to quit smoking completely has begun.

10. Your social circle

Your social circle many a times determines your habits to have fun and enjoyment. If you are in the company of a smoker then peer pressure or status symbolism becomes a major hindrance to quit smoking. Identify this as a concern area and work around it. Maybe as a group of friends, you might decide to quit smoking together.

Ultimately it is all in the mind.  Keep reminding yourself it is the attitude, will power and determination that will take you through. And consider quarantine as an opportunity to quit smoking. This is your time to quit smoking now, just now!

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  • Pinal Shah

    Nice tips for smokers to quit smoking. With strong will power and determination such habits can surely be overcome…

  • Varsh

    Any addiction is tough to break out of but self-motivation and moving away from people who lure you is crucial. These tips are quite practical and helpful.

  • Neha Jain

    Smoking is a very bad habit that everyone should be able to quit. thanks for sharing this post one of my friend would like to read this. It will be helpful to many who want to quit smoking

  • Judy Morris

    My dad and grandpa were chain smokers. Thankfully they quit after suffering from minor chest pains. These tips are really helpful for those who would want to quit smoking. The trigger identification and changing the routine are key here.

  • Tina Basu

    I absolutely hate smokers, I can’t even understand how people like smoking and stand that stench!!! It is the worst thing one can do to their body. The faster one quits the better it is!!!

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