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A – Start Your Day with Positive Affirmations #BlogchatterA2Z

What is a positive affirmation?

An Affirmation is a positive statement one should tell yourself, preferably in the morning so that your day starts well. It is the mantra that jumpstarts the day on a positive note. These affirmations are specific one-liner that keeps negative thought at bay. Positive affirmations were first developed in the 1970s by neuroscientists who tried it out using psychology and therapy to rewire minds and thinking patterns in negative people.  I have seen the use of affirmations in my Nursery class and its effect on young children too.

#BlogChatterA2Z #SweetannuWrites

The main benefits of positive affirmations:

  • Helps to think Rationally
  • Enhances problem-solving strategies
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Increases happy emotions
  • Improves human relationships
  • Added gusto and confidence
  • Create inner clarity
  • Changes in the inner attitude
  • Connect you with a feeling of Gratitude
  • Helps you do productive things throughout the day

Why are affirmations Helpful?

And yes, they are definitely beneficial for all age groups. Kids and adults alike. Affirmations make you stay in a good mood and work towards your goals.

 Tips to help maximize the benefits of affirmations:

We need to keep repeating what we have set in our minds. The power of repetition works wonders.

Affirmations replace negative thinking with a positive focus.

Affirmations should always be done in the present tense as if they are truly happening.

Chanting the affirmations loudly while keeping a focus on what you ate saying works like magic.

First-timers should at least try to use positive affirmations for 30 days without any break.

Affirmations can also be written down if you don’t wish to say them aloud.

When to Use affirmations?

You can start your day with affirmations that are the most effective setting of the day. Just before you are ready to embrace the day. However there is no right or wrong time for it, some people prefer to use affirmations in the afternoon or evening.  

How to Use Start Your Affirmations

Sit in a Still Position or you can even stand in front of the mirror

Take 2- 3 deep breaths before starting to recite them.

Say the affirmation slowly and in your normal voice stressing on each word. However, do not stretch the word too much.

Keep 5 affirmations and repeat them daily for a week. You can alter a few after a period of time.

If you feel like smiling do not resist it.

Some affirmations you can use daily

 Positive Affirmations For kids

I am a kind-hearted Girl/Boy.
I love and respect my mother and father.
I am unique and special.
I love the world around me.
I am grateful for all that God has given me.

Affirmations for First-timers

Everything will work out for me
I am happy and contented with myself
I am getting stronger day by day.
I choose to be positive every day
I will make healthy decisions every day

Affirmations for self-love

I am a gentle person, at all times, day and night.
I will follow my dreams, no matter what.
I choose to admire myself.
I am so blessed.
My life is amazing.

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations to help you in tough times like these #CoronaVirus Quarantine.

I am Healing
The World is healing.
We are all healthy and happy.
The earth is becoming a better place to live in.

These powerful mantras will definitely change your life and get you to go on with your daily chores even through difficult times. You can even check out my quotes on Instagram under the hashtag #Sweetannuquotes.

This was my Blog post for letter A – Start Your Day Right with Positive Affirmations #BlogChatterA2Z for the A to Z Blogchatter Challenge 2020. Here is my Revelation post

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