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6 tips to pep up your Home with Pepperfry Studio & Good Homes Magazine Masterclass

This invite came like a blessing a week before the festive season. It was the Diwali decor masterclass at the Pepperfry Studio in collaboration with Good Homes India Magazine. I Just couldn’t refuse this invite and was waiting for the day to arrive for the  #PepperfryXGoodhomes event.

Pepperfry studio invite
The Masterclass Invite

At the Store

Entrance of Pepperfry Studio, Santacruz
The Entrance of Pepperfry Studio, Santacruz
At Pepperfry Studio you Know How The Interior Stylists Arrange Everything in a Room

The Pepperfry studio, Santacruz was hustling and bustling with an interesting mix of people who looked eager to attend the workshop just like me. Each and every corner of the store was well lit and decorated. Have you ever wondered how interior stylists have that amazing ability to arrange everything in a room so effortlessly and successfully? I was all set to bring out the expert stylist in me with this Masterclass focusing on planning my living space.

The Masterclass at Pepperfry

Masterclass at Pepperfry studio

The Masterclass began with a beautiful introduction by Ronitaa Italia-Dhanu, editor of GoodHomesIndia explaining the most important reason for the workshop beside the masterclass was to be surrounded by the elements you relate to while making your home the most relaxing and beautiful space you come home to.“Your home is a reflection of you… Because that is where you belong… It’s yours.” said she.

Ronitaa Italia-Dhanu at Pepperfry


Mr. Sanjay took centre stage to proudly inaugurate the launch of the Pepperfry Blog Bon Homie. Check it out for the best interior tips, trends, inspiration, DIY, and & some really cool stuff.  Coming up next was the hands-on Masterclass. All of the attendees were handed out a mood board and work kit. We had to work on a theme, relate it to the color wheel, elements while keeping some Simple principles of interior decoration in mind.

 Mood Board-The Inspiration for Decor

My Mood Board

The  Mood Board was a reflection of each persons personality. My love for warm colours, ethnic designs, nature, and flowers distinctly came out. With some major festive decor, inspiration is taking place here!


pepperfry studio

Now I was feeling pretty colourful this festive season. Just waiting to get home to incorporate some of those tips into my home decor. This Diwali I wish to share

6 tips to Liven up your Homes.

1. Start with Fresh Flowers

pepperfry studio

Fresh flowers


Fresh flowers have its own charm, be it in a vase or a decorate rangoli. They just bring a smile to my face. Torans at the doorway adds to that welcome feel when your guests arrive. You can add a hint of something special with a centre table flower decoration or strategically-placed potpourri.

pepperfry studio

strategically-placed potpourri

2.Play with Colours

During the workshop, I learned all about contrasting and complementary colours and how you can play around with it while adding accessories. Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are considered to be complementary colors (example: red and green). Complementary colors are tricky to use in large doses, but work well when you want something to stand out. Contrasting bold primary and secondary colors – red and green, yellow and violet, or blue and orange – will create a very dramatic look. Need to play around with colour yet not overdo it.

3. Bling is the In Thing

Diyas and Candles

Brightening up the living room with simple diyas and candles with colours and glitter was my next step. You could easily add a few gold elements to sparkle up your room. Cushion covers, artifacts even idols can be tastefully added to the interior to add the touch of bling.

4. Dress Your Windows


Drapes and curtains with gold look beautiful during Diwali. If you don’t have time to buy curtains for Diwali, then what you can do for the last minute Diwali decoration is, simply to add marigold flower garland and hang it with the curtains. Mirror patties too look classy when hung from the drapes.

5.Play with Lights


 Pepperfry studio



Lighting such as string lights is easily available in the market. And if you choose well, they really look the class apart. A string of fairy lights or rice grain lights can also illuminate the space apart from your regular lighting.

6. Create a Statement Corner

Create a statement corner in your living area and put up Diwali pictures, diyas and memoirs. Fresh potted plants and pretty diyas can adorn this corner making it more dramatic.

 Get Professional Help

You can check out the Pepperfry Studio here –
Good Homes Magazine for some home decor  tips and ideas –

pepperfry selfie

with Ronitaa Italia at Pepperfry
Thank you, dear Ronitaa Italia – Dhanu

On that happy note, here is Sweetannu wishing you all a very happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year.



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