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Benefits of Quality Outdoor Exercise this Summer

Outdoor Exercise Ideas for Summer

outdoor exercise ideas
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With the arrival of summers, everyone tries to be indoors in order to escape the harsh rays of the sun.  However, we must gear up to embrace the great outdoors and make it a reason to get a good workout. Here are some Outdoor exercise ideas.

But how can one give up the air-conditioned comfort of a gym and studio entirely? Hence you should plan to balance both the indoors and outdoors in your exercise regime.

Outdoor Exercise Ideas
Running outdoors is an uplifting experience

What are the benefits of outdoor exercise?

  1. Air quality is generally two to five times better outdoors than indoors. Running outside and breathing the fresh air in parks or by the seaside is better than dull air in gyms. 
  2. The outdoor uneven terrain keeps the mind alert and reflexes agile. This is so beneficial as it stimulates the nervous system.
  3. Running or jogging around the block is definitely more enjoyable than running on a treadmill facing a wall
  4. Outdoor exercise can get a tad bit more strenuous than the indoor version. Comparing the exertion of running on a treadmill and the exertion of running outside, treadmill runners burn lesser calories to cover the same distance as those striding under the summer sun. 
  5. Talking about the sun, oh yes. That’s a good way to get that much-needed vitamin D
  6. Researched studies have discovered that natural environment exercise was linked to increased energy, greater feelings of revitalization, and greater satisfaction.  

Let’s take a look at some simple Outdoor Exercise ideas to get you started!

Morning Walk
Enjoy the outdoors with a walking buddy

Quality Outdoor Exercise Ideas

1) Walking

This one is the best and easiest outdoor exercise ideas you can do outdoors. It’s one of the best lifetime sports, so easy on the joints. Walking needs no fancy equipment, just get out of the house and walk around the block to get exercise. And you can burn calories too. Doctors and nutritionists recommend 30 minutes of brisk walking mostly all days of the week. 

It is best for everyone, irrespective of age or physical fitness level!  Awesome cardio would be to brisk walk which will also assist in toning your hips, stomach, and legs. Sprinting, taking a hike uphill, or walking from corner to corner on a hill will feed the number of calories that you burn.

A 45-minute walk is something you can fit into your daily routine.  

Outdoor Exercise Ideas

2) Play a Sport

Remember in school how we took up to that one sport and had a special liking towards it. Badminton, throw the ball, football or even gully cricket for that matter. It was fun to get dirty and bruise those knees. So get those rackets out again.

It’s not the only recreation; it’s also the perfect outdoor exercise and an excuse to catch up with friends and team up to play. The best thing about playing a sport is that it engages your mind at all times and works every single muscle in your body.

Outdoor Exercise Ideas

3) Bicycling

Riding a bicycle is a true calorie-burner depending on how fast you can go, such a great workout to tone up those leg muscles. Biking outdoors is not only fun, but it also helps you concentrate on the road. It’s not like a stationary bike that you peddle aimlessly while surfing your Smartphone.  It even improves blood circulation and strengthens bones. It is known for decreasing stress levels.


4) Yoga

Have you tried doing yoga on the beach or out in the garden? This is so much different from doing Yoga indoors. A session on the beach truly Awakens your senses. The sound of the waves has a calming effect on you while breathing the fresh air is incomparable to any other feeling. and enhances the  It’s a treat while practicing the asana to smell the wet earth or feel the grass under your feet.

Yoga is good for both the soul and the body. With proper postures and engaging your core, you can burn around 180 calories per hour.  Yoga is the best way to connect with your soul and is also one of the most gentle, yet effective ways to regain and recover from an injury.


5) Swimming

Swimming is a form of exercise which is proved to be good for maintaining a flexible and toned body. It’s ideal for the nervous and circulatory system and exerts a low impact on it as your body is underwater. The water is very soothing and calming for the nerves.

You might have heard that swimming is a great exercise, but may not be aware of the actual swimming exercise benefits. It will definitely give you a good workout as a run uphill. Find a pool or club that has a pool this Summer and start those swimming lessons.

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Nature connects us to our roots’. And there is no better way to connect our bodies but through exercise? What are your favorite outdoor exercises?

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