outdoor activities for women
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Outdoor activities for Women – Guest Post by Nicole Anderson

Outdoor activities for women: Gaining Popularity

Outdoor activities for women

Well, we are talking about ‘Outdoor activities for Women’, which refers to getting out of your home, out of your city or town and into nature.

This could mean a number of things.  It could be taking a hike in a nearby forest or exploring for waterfalls. Just might be climbing a mountain or taking a camping holiday. It could be kayaking along a river surrounded by beautiful natural countryside. Outdoor activities for Women are very enjoyable and beneficial too.

Outdoors for women

A Global Trend

Around the world, women of all ages and stages in life are spending more and more time in nature.

Whether this is to visit a special location for their holiday or just going somewhere for the weekend, the numbers of women that are enjoying the great outdoors are growing at an amazing rate.

Camping for women outdoors

What I find particularly interesting is the huge increase of women leading this change in more conservative countries, where women traditionally stay at home.  Not only are women spending more time in nature today, but many are also even doing this by themselves or with other women and not relying on men to achieve time outdoors.

Beautiful outdoors camping

What is causing this trend?

This trend drives an increased desire to achieve a better quality of life. So many people now work and live in stressful conditions located in noisy, crowded and polluted cities.  It is well known that this ‘modern day existence’ really does impact our physical and mental health in a very negative way.

Outdoor activities for women

Positive benefits of outdoor activities for women

Escaping the cities and stress is a great start to feeling better and healthier.  There are actually quite a few serious medical studies that show the positive effects of getting out and spending time in the great outdoors.  There are many real benefits including improved blood pressure, better sleep and a more positive attitude that all contribute to the overall wellness of the body and mental and emotional wellbeing.

In Japan, the term ‘Forest Bathing’ refers to the improved health benefits that occur from surrounding yourself with nature. Other great nations like India, China and Russia are among many other countries that are seeing this trend take hold and there are no signs of this slowing down anytime soon.

Outdoor activities for women

Women supporting and encouraging others

Perhaps not surprisingly, many women are ‘spreading the word’ by sharing their experiences in beautiful natural locations all over the world.  There are now so many (far too many to mention here) women bloggers that dedicate so much of their blogs to natural wonders that they seek out.  They publish these places to inspire other women to enjoy similar experiences. They show how possible and for all  to benefit by getting out of the house and take  up more outdoor activities for Women.

outdoor activities for women

Camping For Women

Camping for Women was created as a dedicated resource to support women outdoor adventurers around the world.  It is a website packed with articles written by women for women as well as many free resources to help women get the most out of their experience with nature.  I am very proud to work alongside many women who are passionate about helping other women and their loved ones improve their health, lifestyle and overall enjoyment.  We continue to welcome many women to this initiative.

There are so many ways to enjoy nature and share this with those you love.  This also helps us develop a love and appreciation of nature. The importance of looking after it for future generations.  The more you get out, the more you want to continue getting out and share with others. It is something that grows on you and it just makes you feel like a renewed and revitalized person.  How many other things can you truly say provides such a meaningful benefit?

If you are not already getting outdoors, I hope others will help inspire you to give it a go.  If you are already enjoying this enjoyable pastime, I hope you will share this with others and become part of a trend that offers a better life for all of us.


About the author:

Nicole Anderson is a travel blogger and founder of Camping for Women.  She loves spending time away in nature and is always looking for new experiences to share with like-minded women.  She can be contacted by email at nicole@campingforwomen.com or via the contact page on the website.

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