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Time is passing by and simply no one is getting any younger. The older you get, the urge to feel young is much higher. People want to stay fit and look fitter. However to keep in good shape, elders and senior citizens need to exercise to stay fit. Even though there are no specific guidelines on any fitness regime for them to follow. The general rule states that approx 2.5 hours of walking per week is good enough exercise for a senior citizen over the age of 60.

It just doesn’t matter what your age is. It’s never too late to get fit. These functional tips will help you to safely kick start an exercise regime and also make it fun.

Old Age and Staying Fit

1. Walking

Taking an occasional or a daily walk is the best way to exercise for senior citizens. Walking will improve over wellbeing, and also helps you to live independently longer. Walking keeps the joints flexible and even increases confidence and keeps you in a happy frame of mind.

2. Aerobics

Simple everyday exercises that will moderately increase heart rate are recommended. This will make you breathe faster and also gives your body a warm feeling. Aerobic activities like brisk walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, and hiking are recommended for a 20 to 30 minute period.

3. Weight Training activities

Muscle mass decreases as we age but that doesn’t imply that we have to stop it.  A good way to improve overall muscle power is with light weight and muscle strengthening activities. Lifting weights in moderation is advised for senior citizens.

Old Age and Staying Fit

4. Other Muscle Strengthening activities

To derive maximum health benefits from strength exercises in old age, one should do it under supervision or after taking advice from the doctor. Senior Citizens can opt for Yoga, Pilates, Tai chi, working out with resistance bands, light floor exercises to increase muscle capacity.

5. Balance/ Stretching exercises

These exercises are very important as they help to prevent falling down in old age. Falling is a major risk for older adults. Physiotherapists train older people on how to balance and avert falling by simple exercises like standing on one foot and through other yoga asanas. Yoga and other simple exercises can give you more flexibility by stretching. So elders can perform their daily tasks like combing hair, bathing, bending to tie your shoelaces, etc.  

 Old Age and Staying Fit, health benefits of exercise

1. You can maintain weight

A moderate exercise plan helps you maintain steady weight even though the metabolic rate is slow during old age. Exercise helps to increase metabolism while building muscle mass too. This always keeps the digestive system active and helps to burn more calories.

2. Keeps illness and diseases at bay

Elders who regularly exercise have a better immune and digestive system. It helps to regulate blood pressure and keep bone density in check. Overall wellbeing is improved and it lowers risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s too.

3. Better sleep

The quality of sleep is better, deep sleep increases and one feels more energetic and refreshed on awakening giving the day forward a positive outlook.

4. Improves healing

While regular exercising by elders makes you stronger it also increases the capacity to heal bodily wounds by 25%. A healthy body is able to fight off infections and makes recovery from illnesses better.

5. Boosts self-confidence

Exercise is a huge stress buster, uplifts mood and confidence. The endorphins produced in the body while exercising can actually reduce the feeling of sadness or anxiety. It all about old age and staying fit.

6. Good for brain function

The exercises involve counting and coordination that has beneficial effects on the brain. Keeping the brain active at an old age is so important; it prevents memory loss, cognitive decline, and dementia too.

Let me conclude by saying, regular exercise is also good for your mind, mood, and memory besides physical advantages. All we need to do is age gracefully and with care. Stay as active as you can, and if you can move a muscle, you should. It will aid you to live a longer and better life. Welcome to aging gracefully by staying fit.

Old Age and Staying Fit was my post for letter O for the BlogChatterA2Z Challenge 2020. This was my post for letter N – Napping

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  • Pinal Shah

    Absolutely. To age with grace and to staying healthy with aging is one of the very important aspect of life. A very detailed tips and their advantages shared for staying healthy and fit.

  • Preeti Chauhan

    The Corona Epidemic sure has taught us the importance of continued fitness and well being as we age.As a doctor, I find that you have done a great job. I would also like to add that social and emotional well being is very important too – so it is vital to have an active social life and have some interests that stimulate the brain cells .

  • Varsh

    I was nodding through this post. My Dad still exercises everyday for at least 45 minutes to make sure he’s fit and healthy. If nothing else, walking is always possible.

  • Judy Morris

    Not many talk about how one can stay fit in old age. Apart from walking, I didn’t know these many things that can be done for keeping body in good working state. I am surely passing this article to my mum.

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