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New Bandra Restaurants to visit in the future

 New Bandra restaurants to visit

Being a true Bandraite and a foodie, I recently discovered 5 new interesting Bandra restaurants, everyone must visit. Even though I belong to the classic foodie culture and love my Kheema Pau at GoodLuck Cafe, Lucky ki Biryani and Chicken Puff from Hearsh, I still keep my new eatery list updated. It has been two months into 2018 but I have tried and ticked off half  a dozen new eateries  in Bandra/Khar. The ones I really enjoyed got into my blogpost below with what they have to offer.

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According to me, Bandra much needed a fine-dining Seafood Restaurant and thank God for the new entrant Ferry Wharf. It is committed to serve up some authentic Mangalorean cuisine at very competitive rates.
The entire eatery is done up in blue and brown symbolizing the ocean and the sand respectively, with an option for outdoor and indoor seating.

The Sampling Platter

Ferry Wharf presents all its patrons with a special sampling platter that showcases some of their signature and most ordered dishes. So one can taste and decide what to order. Sampler tray had, Fish Curry, Prawns Gassi, Prawns Pickle, Clams Sukka, Mutton Masala and Chicken Sukka

Dishes one must order

1. Squid Butter Garlic – Perfectly cooked squid tossed up  in a sauce laden with garlic topped with butter. Fab stuff!

2. Prawn Ghee Roast – All that spice when paired with fresh Neer Dosa was a match made in heaven or should I say ” Ferry Wharf”.

3. Stuffed Pomfret – a whole pomfret stuffed with green masala and then pan-fried in rawa. Different textures and flavours both inside and out.

You must also try their fish thalis, pomfret Kali Miri and Sol Kadi. Actually visiting once is not enough.

New Bandra Restaurants
You cannot miss this pretty Cafe


In the same lane as Ferry Wharf is this New Cafe Scribble Stories.  A cafe with the wooden interior in soothing pastel colours with ample natural lighting filtering through. Perfect setting for a brunch date. The menu is fresh, has Vegan options too.

Dishes one must order

1. Fluffy Japanese cheesecake with blueberry compote – So jiggly but melts in the mouth.

2. Glitter coffee & mint/chocolate macaroons – It’s edible glitter so get your lips to dazzle as you slurp up.

3. Watermelon and Feta salad – Light and refreshing, loved it.

Gooey Cheesy Pizza

4. 4 cheese artichoke Pizza Slice – A perfect thin crust with a thick layer of oozy cheese.

Chef Nester – take a bow, you have truly scribbled a fabulous food story for every foodie in Mumbai to relish and talk about.

New Bandra Restaurants
A memorable lunch date at JLWA


What a sprawling place, it was love at first sight. The whole resto-pub is done in shades of blue and gold. The seats have royal motifs, the bar is well stocked with spirits from around the globe. I suggest you grab a seat near their large glass windows.

Food/Drinks one should order

New Bandra Restaurants
Enjoying my Singapore Sling

The bar menu is extensive, you may be loaded with options to choose from. Go for a Bellini or Sangria if it’s lunch scenes at JLWA. Or then relax, enjoy the music? , taste some uniquely curated cocktails, and enjoy all night long.

You must try their signature dish Nimboo Kalimirch Chicken – delicious unique flavours at this eatery.

new Bandra Restaurants

Another simple dish I enjoyed was nachos with in house dips – refreshing and so addictive.

This place is a must-visit when in Bandra, it’s an overall memorable experience you will never choose to forget.

Madras diaries
Madras Diaries with my dearies 



Needless to say that Bandra does have a few South Indians eateries (Shiv Sagar, Balaji, Amrut Sagar), but it’s great to have a fine dining setup in this food genre.

You must try the Masala Uthapum, sprinkled with a generous amount of Podi (dry chutney) that melts in your mouth.

New Bandra Restaurants

That’s not all, savour the dosas, idlis, poppadum, sambar, rasam, filter kaapi. Apart from original dishes from Tamil Nadu, they also have dishes like Jalapeño idlis and broccoli vada. A good experimentation.

Madras Diaries is a must-visit for all those who love to enjoy their south Indian food in a relaxed environment sans the clutter of stainless steel utensils and loud conversations.


Indian food lovers can get the experience of authentic Sindhi Cuisine at Juss by Sindhful. This eatery pledges to give your taste buds a contemporary taste with a slight twist. It is not even a month old, and reviews of this place have spread overseas. I overheard a group of Sindhi ladies conversing with the manager. They were sending pictures of dishes to relatives, due to visit India shortly.

Dishes to try

New Bandra Restaurants

1.Sindhi tuk-tuk –  Crispy deep-fried aloo, topped with dry masala and served with in – house dips. Mustard, Parsley, and Kashmiri Mirch.

Delicous crispy Pakwan chaat

2.Pakwan chaat –  A Sindhi pakwan served not with dal but channa and chutney, totally lip-smacking.

New Bandra Restaurants

3. Mini Thali –  I had the Makhmi dal, bhindi basar, steamed rice, and phulkas – a typical Sindhi afternoon meal. Enjoyed it immensely.

Enjoyable Sev Barfi

4. For dessert try Singhar ji mithai – this is sev burfi, not heavy at all and with the perfect sweetness.

Bandra/Khar people can rejoice and lick their fingers now coz its deliciousness is in their vicinity.

You can also check my previous post on Bandra restaurants and eateries.

New Bandra Restaurants you must try.

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