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My #ShareTheLoad Inspiring Story

“The society always expects a woman to naturally multitask’ – Unknown Quote

The quote is so true and relevant even today. The woman of the 21st Century manages her home, kids, and career too. She can think and multi-task even at home while doing chores.  But is it solely the responsibility of a woman to keep her house clean especially during the current Pandemic where all the members are at home and the work has doubled. In the current COVID – 19 situation, we are moving forward day by day with different types of crises. Everyone is working from home, so why shouldn’t we expect the same from the man of the house? Lets #SharetheLoad and spread some Love.

The Changing Society

If we talk about old times, we see only women doing all household activities. Let bygones be bygones. The world is changing so why shouldn’t our outlook and mindset towards responsibilities of the housewife change. The lockdown has certainly shown a shift in thinking patterns and mindset of men; they are taking initiatives to help at home and showing more interest in household activities too.

  Best Tips to Share The Load

1. Teach them Young

Mothers need to take this initiative in training their sons to take equal part in household chores. From clearing the dining table, keeping the room tidy and even helping out with the laundry. Wake up Moms!! Let’s teach them young.

2. Equality in Marriage

Marriage is a bond of trust, the relationship between two individuals has to be equal and so is the work load. It should be shared between the two partners. Women need to rest too, isn’t it only fair?  


3. Home Chores have no Gender

No job is gender-specific. If women can go to work then men can also #Sharetheload at home. And when a husband and wife work together, the stress definitely diminishes.  

My #ShareTheLoad Inspiring Story  

Blessed to be born in a family when men have shared the burden of household chores along with their wives. Mom and me discuss for hours the debatable question; Was it the upbringing? or the circumstances our family man were put into? Guess it was a combination of all the factors.

Nonetheless, I am thankful to God for this change many women want to see in their homes. My Dad is a great help in the kitchen and also does his bit by starting the washing machine cycle and helps fold the clothes. This eases Mom’s pressures especially as both are senior citizens and housework can be really tough. Especially when we all are stuck inside the house during Lockdown and cannot take the help of maids.

My husband too loves to manage the laundry department including washing, drying, and folding. In fact he manages it better than me.

Always Ready to lend a helping Hand

I marvel both these men in my life for being so particular and caring with regards to the entire process of laundry and clothes care. I wish them both a very “Happy Fathers Day“.


The Ariel India Initiative

I am so happy that Ariel India sends us all a sweet reminder each year with the #SharetheLoad campaign. More and more men are joining in this initiative to build healthy relationships while sharing the load of laundry work.  

#Sharetheload is a reality and a necessity. It is here to simplify life chores while making it joyful and comfortable. #ShareChoresMultiplyLove #SharetheLaundry.

Watch This Video and Share the Love

I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda.

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  • Alpana

    Home chores have no gender-that is absolutely right. I have always seen my grandpa and my dada helping with household chores. And luckily my husband also helps me. Here in USA, we don’t have maids coming so we are accustomed of doing things on our own but I agree in many households, men don’t contribute a lot. By sharing the burden, It brings harmony.

  • Surbhi prapanna

    This is such a great initiative by Ariel India and I m truly support this initiative. Like your’s family, my father and husband are equally supportive and I feel so good with this factor that they are always ready to #sharetheload.

  • Archana Srivastava

    Very true it is actually a need of the hour when both partners have to share the load of work equally, the days are gone when women are supposed to perform all the duties at home and men at the job, the time has changed the curriculum for the betterment of both. It is indeed a real blessing when your partner lend his hand to share the responsibility at home.

  • Vaishali

    What a lovely post. It reflects not just on-brand messaging, but the essence of sharing any and every kind of load. It’d be nice for you to capture something around the mental load of mommyhood, too x

  • Debidutta Mohanty

    I loved the line #sharetheliad has no gender. Very true, I am glad times are changing, today my husband helps me a lot not only on household chores but also in bringing up the kids. Children imbibe what they see their parents doing so my son is going to be a fine man like his Dad. Thanks for this article.

  • Noor Anand Chawla

    Sharing the load has never been easier and more important than it currently is, during these unprecedented times. It was a lovely post to read.

  • Rajshree S

    This is so true! Home chores have no gender. Also, so glad that the newer generation is woke and doesn’t believe in the women doing all chores. It’s important to teach the kids this at a young age.

  • princy

    so lovely to read that men in your life help you out. its essential that this is done across all homes so that women can also have a life of their own.

  • Varsh

    I agree with you, we have to teach our sons the importance of participating in household chores since childhood. Sharing the load shouldn’t be an issue since home is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Surbhi

    Reading the stories of households where both the partners play equal role fill me with hope and I see the change that’s coming in our culture and society. Thanks for sharing your story. Loved it!

  • Kavita Singh

    Home chores have no gender, how lovely this is. I couldn’t agree more with all the above-mentioned points. Kudos to the brand for coming up with such a campaign. I have a feeling, during this lockdown, there will be a lot of male family members who understood the meaning of equal responsibility when it comes to home chores.

  • Judy Morris

    For sure the sharing the load concept needs to be taught to kids so that they become a responsible adult who believes in gender equality. This is a superb awareness campaign.

  • Ishieta

    What a lovely family! Your family is way ahead of many others and it is inspiring to read about sharing the load.
    I agree starting them young is a great idea! and a way to make home chores a part of everyone’s day and the new normal.

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