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One off my Bucket list with this Jordan Journey

My Jordan Journey

Pinch me!
Pinch me!!
No, it’s not a dream, its a dream come true. Visiting Jordan has always been on top of my bucket list. This dream turned into a reality when Zenia and I decided to take a short trip to this intriguing country. Yaay!! Finally, my travel stars have emerged from the dark clouds to shine brightly. It was time to kick start the road trip across Jordan. Amman, Petra, and the Dead Sea, here we come!! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me!

Is Jordan Journey Safe?

While you hear of a lot of war stories from the Middle East, Jordan is a very safe country. This does not affect Jordan’s safety whatsoever and it will welcome you with warm hospitality. Jordan is probably the safest option for anyone wanting to visit the Middle East right now. The Jordanian Dinar is the currency of Jordan.

My Jordan Journey

Day 1

It was a pleasant early morning flight with a two-hour halt at Kuwait airport. We were whisked through immigration on arrival, thanks to the fabulous arrangements made by our travel agent. There was no time to waste, with excitement at its peak we immediately rushed off to see the Amman Citadel and the Amphitheater – gorgeous sights that I’ll be dreaming about for days to come. Amman really enchanted me. Weary and tired we checked into Le Meridien. A beautiful property, the hotel has the best modern amenities.  Rooms were very spacious, bed comfortable and had the view of the city.

Can’t wait to touch down the Queen Alia runway
Jordan Journey
The Citadel with the hand of Hercules
Day 2

Travel changes you, it leaves a mark on your mind and heart that is so beautiful. Today was a day filled with road travel, rugged terrain, clear blue skies and blissfully uniting with the Dead Sea. Floating in the Dead Sea was one of the experiences I looked forward to the most in Jordan. The Dead Sea, named because no life can survive in it, is a big source of pride for Jordanians. Because of the high salt content — caused by the Dead Sea being 430 meters below sea level, which causes it to evaporate faster than usual.

Jordan Journey
That’s Sweetannu covered in the Dead Sea mud
Day 3
Jordan Journey
Jordan has landscapes that will enchant you

Sometimes you gotta go out and see the world. Today we did a long road trip to Petra, with some breathtaking views, it felt like a magical land. Nothing in the world had prepared me for what I was about to see at Petra. No matter how many images I’ve seen in books, or the number of hours I’ve spent on Google, seeing the real thing with your eyes is the best of all.
Imagine an ancient city. An ancient city carved entirely out of mountain rocks. An ancient city is hidden from the world until 200 years ago. A city with an amphitheater, treasury, underground water channels, dams, temples, and tombs.

Jordan Journey
The first view of the treasury

Enter the Siq, which is 1.5 km long narrow canyon. We were lucky – on the first day of our visit to Petra there were very few tourists. However burning hot it was outside, in the canyon it felt cool.   It’s quiet, peaceful. The long walk didn’t tire us at all. In fact our guide entertained us with theories and stories. He even played a prank on us, made us walk backward with eyes shut only to behold the first glimpse of the grand treasury. Everything inside me was screaming with joy and excitement now.

Jordan Journey
Riding a donkey on the return trip was fun
Day 4
Jordan Jouney
This is bliss

One dip in the Dead Sea was not enough. A Dead Sea mud mask can improve the appearance of your facial skin by improving elasticity and minimizing pores, wrinkles and lines. When it dries, toxins that may be present in your skin cells from your everyday diet are drawn out. Your face will feel clean and refreshed. The ritual was repeated before my final bye-bye.

The luxury Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea is found in a traditional village setting nestled amongst lush gardens. The resort is on a huge campus. You need a vehicle to guide you around with a map.  We actually went pool hopping visiting the three different pools. Later on, we packed with heavy hearts, ready to take the journey back home but not before stopping to shop for a few souvenirs.

Check out the best things to buy for when you visit Jordan.

Jordan Jouney
Pottery and mosaic from Jordan

Overall I was happy to return back home – but it was bittersweet happiness. Altogether, I know that I’ll be returning to Jordan in the near future. I need to see more of Wadi Rum and take another road trip. Thankful to my daughter Zenia Irani who participated in getting SOME SUN with Radio One contest on Facebook and was rightfully selected as the winner, I got to visit Jordan.

Yalla, come to Jordan and experience this for yourself. 🙂
I’ve attached some silly pictures clicked on the trip. 🙂

That’s how you do a sleeping selfie
Others refuse, but you still click a selfie
Look I can touch the tallest pillar
Jordan Jouney
Singing “yeh Kahan aaa gayee hum”
Jordan Jouney
This was my pouting camel.

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