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My First Bangkok Holiday- Best Bangkok tour packages

Best Bangkok tour packages

It was my first trip to Bangkok and I had to get the best Bangkok tour packages.  “Bangkok” I had heard so many travel stories about this amazing shopper’s paradise from my friends who had visited. My husband who had been there on official visits with his friends always told me amazing stories about his Bangkok holiday. I  insisted he take me there the next time we plan a holiday, and guess what? He finally agreed to my demands. Yippee!! In a jiffy, the hotel and flight reservations were done. Thanks to Jaya Travels that offers best Bangkok tour packages at a very competitive price.

The flight experience on Thai Airlines

The experience on Thai Airways was lovely because the Hostess kept filling my wine glass with my favorite red wine. Ooh, it felt so divine that I completely forgot my fear of flights. Bangkok is very charming and modern. People on the streets just keep walking or eating. Each street has its food stalls and those mixed aromas are so hard to decipher. It took me a day to settle in and accept what will come my way. Some woman eyed my husband and gave me dirty looks. One lady ( or man ) even pinched my husband’s bottom and offered him a discount. Hee Hee!!

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best bangkok tour packages
Shop till you drop

The Metro train was the best part of my Bangkok holiday. After the first initial hiccups, I became a professional at traveling on it. The time was December last year, the malls, the shop windows all had a festive look. I used to venture out on my own leaving my husband to relax, swim and enjoy the spa treatments available at the hotel. I actually shopped till I dropped. When I came back to the hotel the hotel doctor said I was dehydrated due to fatigue n not having water. Who remembers to drink water when you get to shopping in a shoppers paradise?

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The magnificent Reclining Buddha 

Next morning we yet again had a bumper breakfast of eggs, fruit, cornflakes, mashed potato, toast, sausages and lots more. We went to see the Buddhist temples and reclining Buddha to which I made an instant connection, it was breathtaking.

best bangkok tour packages
Sipping Bubble tea while taking a selfie in the TukTuk

We also visited Ocean Park, managed to take the ‘Foot  Massage’,  the Thai women call out in their nasal tones. It was a fabulous experience to travel by local tuk-tuk through the crowded traffic. The driver needs some specialized skills and you need to keep your heart in your mouth.


best bangkok tour packages

I loved Bangkok because it has so much to offer. Every person comes to Bangkok with a different reason and the experience is fulfilling. At the end of the holiday, I had done so much shopping I had to leave behind all the old clothes I had taken from Mumbai. Bags, perfumes, clothes, cosmetics, all picked up in dozens and gifts for all my family friends, colleagues even my maids.

On my way back to the airport I promised myself I will come back only this time to experience some more. With a heavy heart, we boarded the plane. I did save a few Bahts. (for my next visit. There was so much more to discover in Amazing Thailand.)

best bangkok tour packages
The Calypso Night Cabaret


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