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Mussoorie Attractions – Some touristy and offbeat places to visit

 Mussoorie attractions

Mussoorie is lovingly called ‘Queen of all hill stations‘. Now I know why. So after a hectic action-packed day in Rishikesh, we headed to the mountains for some relaxation. This time around my husband and l were happy to bring in our wedding anniversary away from the maddening city life. to enjoy the best Mussoorie Attractions.

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Mussoorie attractions

The drive commenced after a bumper breakfast at Aloha. We were all set to enjoy the cool air and winding roads taking us to Mussoorie. Just nature, beautiful landscapes and no one in sight. Wanted my heart to pound, feeling the scare of the climb. But unfortunately, that never happened.

At each turn, there was either a construction work in progress or shops and eateries. The ghats were full of honking cars, tourist buses, and scooters…Yes, scooters and bikes too.

We even stopped on the way to take some touristy pictures and grab a bite. But I was just expecting that little more. Finally, we reached our Hotel Vishnu Palace, off Mall road overlooking the valley.

  • Vishnu Palace

The hotel is over two decades old yet well maintained with all basic amenities. Our room was spacious with a view of the valley. There was no A/Cs in the room, but a big double blanket. And we know the reason why. It is bound to be so cold at night.

Vishnu palace

In most hotels in Mussoorie including Vishnu Palace, the floors went from 0 to -4. The reverse order as the hotels are built on cliffs. The reception and main area is on the top while rooms are on the floors below.  Check the image above.

monkey spot

To give is a company on our cliff room window we had a pair of monkeys. They looked docile and only wanted a bit of our food that we were more than willing to share. Such cute Mussoorie attractions.

traditional meal

  • Malsi Deer Park

On our way, we stopped by a road sign that read Malsi Deer Park. With the hills as a backdrop this mini zoological park with many deer and a children’s area amid natural surroundings. Mussoorie attractions had already begun on the way.

This place is an ideal stop to grab a bite and enjoy wildlife. We stopped at a vegetarian restaurant overlooking the deer park while enjoying a scrumptious thali for just Rs 120/.

cup of coffee

  • Mall Road

That evening we walked down the Mall Road, the main shopping area of this delightful hill station. The entire Mall Road looked touristy and a fun place to walk around stressfree.

Street hawkers
Mall road, Mussorrie

Exploring shops, selling everything from woolens to mobile phone accessories.  I visited the shops for souvenirs.


selfie at shop

In one of these shops, I met a 75-year-old pink-cheeked Sales lady who was the mother of the owners. Couldn’t refuse anything she sold me. In the end, I bought two caps, a few fridge magnets, a Tibetan bell, and a stand to keep my spectacles at night. Don’t forget to try your hand at bargaining; it is a common practice here!

Bal Mithai

Mussoorie is known for it’s unique and special Bal Mithai. A must try.

Cycle Rickshaw ride with hubby

  • Take a Cycle rickshaw ride 

Being an eco-conscious state car in certain parts of Mussoorie are banned. You can commute by foot or by cycle rickshaws, particularly on the mall road.


  • Lucky Omelette Centre

A visit to the most famous Lucky Omelette Centre is a must when here in Mussoorie.
The specialty is the cheese omelette, with chilies, onions, and spices. It’s a small place so do not expect any fine dining experience.

Mussoorie attractions

The humble owner Mr. Khursheed cooks it himself in a pan and very cleverly combines it with toast. Such a cheesy delicacy, no eggy smell and the kick of chilies were thrilling in the nippy weather. The omelette is so full of cheese it just melts in your mouth. Excellent Mussoorie attractions attracting tourists from the world over.

Gangoli Shoes

  • Gangoli Shoes

This store is over 100 years old, being run by the second generation – Mr. Gangoli who now at 60. He personally cobbles and sells handmade shoes, sandals, slippers, etc. He started working at the age of 9, now manages this business single-handedly. I bought a pair of sandals with modern design and colors, handmade with solidity and quality.

Shoes collection at store

It was such an inspiration to watch him cut the leather and feel so proud of his goods.

Mussoorie attractions

  • Kempty Falls

The entrance to the falls is camouflaged by a row of shops on both sides. Kempty falls is situated at 1,364 meters. One can walk down or take a cable car to the main area. The fall was heavily crowded with fat bellies uncles and saree clad aunties.

Mussoorie attractions

The sound of the water left me spellbound. The cascading waterfall was mesmerizing. Kids will definitely enjoy getting wet and floating on tubes.

JW Marriott

  • JW Marriott

The drive to this grand hotel was delightful.  It was our 32nd wedding anniversary lunch. The coffee shop overlooked the valley.  A pretty sight – you get a stunning view of the lush green valley is so much more than plush interiors.

View from hotel

The hotel is also aptly located on the outskirts of Mussoorie. It a perfect destination for some much-needed rest and relaxation. It is one of themost relaxing places to visit in Mussoorie in one day.

View from hotel

  • Gun Hill

The cable car ride is definitely another major attraction that draws a lot of tourists. It was a 10 minutes ride that starts from Jhula Ghar to Gun Hill.

Selfie at Jhula GHar

The car can accommodate 10 passengers. You get an amazing view of the mountains of Doon Valley up to the hill on the ropeway. The sun was setting at that time. Upon the Gun hill, there are many stalls of artifacts, food,  games, and rides for kids. But we preferred to climb higher to Parvati Mandir following the trail of bhajans.

Nature view

  • Mussoorie Lake

Tourists, as well as locals, love to visit this beautiful picnic spot where one can enjoy boating.  This is an artificial lake but has been beautifully developed by the local authorities. This place was heavily crowded so we decided to do some local handicrafts and handloom shopping at the nearby stalls.

walking in cool nature

  • Santura Devi Mandir

Santura Devi Temple is located on the way to the JW Marriott Walnut Grove. It is located on a hilltop and offers excellent views of the entire valley around you.  The trek uphill takes about 20 minutes and is not very strenuous. A must visit for those seeking blessings of the Devi Mata.

mussoorie diaries

  • Library Building

The library stands at the center and is the prime hub of Mussoorie, right next to it is the Band Stand. The ground floor is lined with general merchants, hosiery showrooms, chemists and Cafe Library, where you can get some good coffee, pizza, and momos.
The library is on the first floor and is still opens between 9 am to 5 pm for its members.


Besides being a tourist attraction and a religious state Dehradun/ Rishikesh/Mussoorie is also promoted as a futuristic educational hub in Uttarakhand.

I recommended all holidaymakers to visit Mussorrie for sure and definetely viist these Mussoorie attractions. Just keep it clean and don’t litter. We should try to safeguard the nature and tranquility of this magical place. Also, friends, do let me know,  what you would like to read more on my blog.

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