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Music is Magic. Music is Therapeutic.

Does listening to a good tune instantly elevate your mood and spirit? It happens to me all the time. I feel so relaxed and can feel the stress exiting my body immediately.  During Lockdown I am enjoying soft light music as I do my household chores or whilst cooking. Listening to music is itself a therapy.  Music therapy has numerous benefits on your wellbeing.  It’s a channel for emotional, psychological, relaxation, and a great way to improve your mental health.

Music is Therapeutic

What is music therapy?

Music therapy is a strategy that utilizes music and sound to set up the communication and connection necessary to achieve therapeutic goals. Using this method brings clarity in your thoughts and emotions.

The objective of musical treatment, similarly as with most others, is to improve the patient’s wellbeing and personal satisfaction on the physical yet mainly on the emotional, enthusiastic, and psychological levels.

Benefits of Music Therapy

Ideas for Living Balanced, Healthy and Stress-Free Life

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

Listening to soft melodious music relaxes your body and elevates your mind. This automatically reduces stress levels in the body.  Relaxation music is helpful to connect you to your inner soul and feel so peaceful from within. More so if you are in a meditative mode.

Music is Therapeutic

2. Sleep more deeply

Music therapy can have a calming effect on your nerves and soften the noise that reaches the brain. It relaxes your body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system that induces sleep in the body.  Many patients who suffer from sleep disorders listen to music and drift away into a deep sleep. It is a proven process to solve sleep disorders, Music is Therapeutic.

3.  Relaxes your body

You will notice that when you visit a Spa, soft lilting instrumental music is always playing in the background.  Doesn’t it have a magical effect on your mind? Yes, and also on your body. You feel an instant relaxation of sorts due to its soothing effect. Listening to music helps you surrender your physical and mental stress and calms the nerves that results in an exhilarating relaxation of the body.

4. Helps lessen pain

 Music therapy has been tested on patients with chronic arthritis, osteoporosis and headaches. It is proven that therapy through music decreases the pain and helps patients have an overall control over their pain. Music therapy provides a healthy distraction to physical pain amongst elders and children.

5. Calm airplane travel

I have to make a confession, being petrified of turbulence and air pockets I think twice to travel a long distance. But then I discovered that listening to calming music can reduce my stress and calm my nerves. Traveling by air is more enjoyable as music calms the body and sends positive vibes to the brain. That’s why all airlines play soothing music on flights to make the environment more peaceful.

6. Soothing babies and young children

Playing relaxation music at nap time helps induce sleep and has a soothing effect on infants and children.  This can be a big help for parents who struggle with cranky babies and get stressed to make them sleep. Don’t forget grandma’s lullabies were the foundation of this therapy.

7.  You can work better

Soft music playing in the background can make you focus on the job at hand as it calms  your brain and nerves.  More work can be achieved and you get less tensed about it. Music in a stress free environment helps team work and increases productivity.

8. Helps in depression and other disorders

Listening to music on a daily basis is a healthy and beneficial activity to practice, particularly for those who suffer from emotional disorders like depression, blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc. It helps see life in a different light and face the realities with a happy smile.

Music is medicine for the mind and soul. So it’s time we turn to music as it proved to be beneficial across all ages. How have you used music to improve your well-being or the well-being of your loved one?

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