Munnar Places to visit
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Places to visit in Munnar in 2 days

 Munnar Places to visit in 2 days

It’s always a big decision while planning a family holiday during the month of May. Places get too hot so beaches are out of question. Hill Stations look more like Dadar Station during peak hours. It was a unanimous decision to take a trip to Kerala- Gods own Country. We had totally researched on Munnar places to visit in in 2 days. We added Thekaddy too, two action-packed days and nights.

Munnar Places to visit
Romantic Munnar
More about Munnar

Munnar is one of the most popular hill stations in South India.  Nestled in the Western Ghats at a high altitude of 6000 ft, Munnar is located in Idukki district of Kerala.  This picture postcard hill station is a runaway hit with nature lovers from near and far off destinations Everyone I have met who has visited Munnar cannot stop raving about the landscapes, drives and tea gardens. Munnar is a motley canvas of sloping lush green tea plantations, gushing streams by the hillsides, and winding undulating paths.

Cochin Airport

Getting to Munnar 

There is no airport in Munnar. The nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport, it is 110 kilometers away by road to Munnar. From Cochin, you can take a prepaid taxi or tire a cab to get to Munnar. We had booked a cab, the drive was a good one as the initial excitement was at its peak. Driving up those winding roads with green lush tea gardens all around was a delightful treat for the Urban tourists in that car that day. Munnar is the ultimate destination for a peaceful and rejuvenating retreat in the hills. It is the most popular pick among many beautiful.

Valara Falls Munnar

Valara Falls Munnar

Valara Waterfalls

Valara waterfalls are on the way to Munnar. Even though it is a small waterfall and had practically survived to the small falling body of water. It was a tranquil place to sit by, observing the water and hearing the sound of the falls. There is no way to reach near the waterfalls. However, this tourist attraction can be viewed on the main road highway. The Valara Waterfalls looked milky white and picturesque against the backdrop of lush green mountains. Munnar places to visit for some peace, quiet and beautiful pictures.

Munnar places to visit

 Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty is among the most visited destinations in the district of Munnar. This Dam in Idukki District is a storage Concrete Gravity dam built in the mountains of Kerala. Such a beautiful picnic spot that attracts Local and tourists from outside too. The drive through the tea gardens is so relaxing.

Munnar Places to visit

You can admire the glistening lake, enjoy hot corn or shop for some chocolates and other niknaks at shops around the lake. We even agreed to an instant photographers request and did an impromptu shoot. He got the best angles and scenic backdrops. Real value for money for INR 20/.

Echo Point Munnar

Echo Point Munnar

Echo Point

Echo Point is a little further away from Mattupetty Dam. They say you must scream as loud as you can..and wait for a minute. Then you will hear your echo back! Get the kid in you to come alive and go with the echo. The Weather here was so pleasant and we walked down after the shops to the waterfront, Splashed for some time and shout for the echo and back to parking. One of the top Munnar places to visit.

Tea plantations Munnar

Tea Plantations

How can one resist a tea garden tour when you are in Munnar? On our trip to Munnar, we got an opportunity to visit the tea plantations and factories of Munnar. We spent half a day driving around the tea plantations. Most of the tea cutting is done by machines however at one point we did see the traditional way of tea picking. The local women who pick the freshest greenest tea leaves and transfer it to a big basket the hangs from their head on their back.


Kolukkumalai Tea Factory

It is situated at a height of 7900 ft, and the zigzag road along Kolukkumalai Hills leading to this tea garden in Munnar was a once in a lifetime experience. A key tourist attraction in Munnar, the plantation is renowned worldwide for its flavoured tea leaves. To reach Kolukkumalai you need to hire a jeep from the gate of Suryanelli tea estate. It is 9 kilometers of a crazy ride to the highest organic tea estate in the whole world! The century-old tea factory is also an interesting place to understand the traditional methods of tea production. Rolling hillsides covered with tea plantations is a sight to behold. The lush greenery and the soothing cold wind with a mild aroma of tea leaves totally rejuvenates you.

Munnar Devonshire Greens
Happy Anniversary Dear Husband

Devonshire Greens

Where We stayed –  Devonshire Greens

Devonshire greens, a Premium luxury resort in Munnar, fairly new and extremely well kept. This is among the best resorts in Munnar, the location is breathtaking. We could see the beautiful sunrise from our balcony and hear the sound of the cascading Attakad waterfall. We experienced good food, excellent service, serene environment and spent a relaxing two days at the resort.

On the way to falls
Attukad Waterfalls

This scenic waterfall is located very close to our Hotel. During the recent flooding the nearby bridge had broken and no one could visit. But the bridge is restored now, and with a hotel guide, we went on a morning walk down to the waterfalls. This cascading, gushing and roaring beast of water from such close proximity only wanted me to thank Mother Nature for this breathtaking view to behold forever.

The climb back up to our hotel seemed impossible for me. Luckily a local jeep that locally taxi residents from the lower villages up to the top had three seats empty. Just for INR 10/ we had the drive of our life. Uphill at a speed of 60 KPH with loud foot tapping South Indian Music was the cherry on the cake.

Munnar Spice village

Spice Gardens Munnar

Spice Gardens

The Government runs Spice Garden is a must visit during your trip to Munnar. There are many private ones, however, this is the best. After purchasing a ticket for INR 100/ you are taken on a steep ride downhill with a guide who shows you around the farm. Different spic herbs, plants, and trees that are used as medicine in Ayurveda grow here. The Garden emitted an aroma of a different kind, guess it was due to the spices grown there. Pepper, Cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, cloves, turmeric. Our guide was a certified Ayurvedic Doctor who gave us some valuable information. It was a fun walk through the flora.

Munnar places to visit

Munnar Places to visit
Local Kerala Cuisine

We also tried some really delectable dishes at a traditional Kerala restaurant on our way to Munnar at a reasonable price. Hotel Mount Park Inn is a small dhabha to catch a bite on the way. we ordered a dish called Munnar places to visit KIRGHIZ. it can be wrapped in a banana leaf, once opened behold, it contained the most delicious spicy prawns, crabs, kingfish mix. Cooked and served in a banana leaf. Enjoyed Mango Prawns and Prawns Masala on the trip too.

Munnar places to visit

Munnar places to visit

Enjoy the Dance form of Kathakali

One evening we decided to enjoy the amazing kathakali show in Munnar This traditional dance form originated in this southern state and allows you to view it in changing trends. We sat in the first row to understand this intriguing dance form and get pictures needless to realize that we would be called on stage and be a part of the act. Zenia and Binoy indeed felt so special and giggly when the Kathakali Dancer interacted and played a prank on them. The show ticket was for INR 300/ and lasts for one hour. Worth it, one of the best tourist attractions in Munnar places to visit

These Munnar places to visit are a must when you plan a trip for this Southen Paradise. You can also read more on 25 amazing places to visit in India

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