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Secrets of Giving Meaningful Compliments

Secret of Meaningful compliments

Hey there, you look so gorgeous!!
The color of that dress suits you so much!!

In this world, you often meet people who are warm towards you and without batting an eyelid will drop in a compliment just to please you. But how genuine are these compliments is the debate here? Are these fake compliments going to better the situation? A fake compliment is often another term for flattery that may only prove beneficial to the giver. They behave in this way to gain something from it.

However, in the real world, it just doesn’t work that way. Some people are selfish creatures and will only behave in a certain way because of their ulterior motives. Everyone feels great to receive a compliment. It is proven that getting a sincere compliment gives you the same positive boost as you would while receiving cash or gifts.

Let us examine the top reasons why we should give meaningful compliments to someone every day.

1. Give a Compliment- Dil Se

In this difficult age of Covid 19 pandemic, where it is difficult to maintain our sanity, it genuinely feels good to receive a compliment. It could just be in a form of praise on the phone or saying thank you to the courier man who delivered your parcel. And best of all, compliments are free to give.

meaningful compliments

2. Compliments Create Trust

Its human nature to dress well and to feel good on a happy occasion. Everyone wants to be noticed for those extra efforts you took on your physical appearance. Everyone wants to feel important and we also need someone whom we can trust. So, giving a general compliment can build up the trust factor.  It shows that you lack ego, you are warm, and you are empathetic towards the opposite person whom you are complimenting genuinely. This results in a major trustworthy relationship.  

3. Compliments spark your Creativity

Trying to find something positive to say about someone can enhance the creativity in you. It also makes you a better person. Sometimes we wish to say a kind word of praise but feel restricted. We find newer ways to compliment a person eg- Sending a bouquet or a handmade card. This enhances our creativity in finding new meaningful to compliment our dear ones.

4.  Compliments are Powerful Tools

Meaningful compliments have its own positive yet powerful effect. If given to a child, it can improve his self confidence and morale and get him to work better. If given to an employee for his work, it can increase productivity and functioning.  This powerful tool can be used in your favor, but make sure it’s genuine and heartfelt.

meaningful compliments

5. Compliments are Rewarding

What happens when you pay a compliment?  The opposite person is happy, isn’t it?  That person often thanks you for it, supports it, and returns it with a compliment. Now that is karmic in nature, what goes around, comes around. And maybe this is the morale boost you need in the present moment to turn your mood around!

meaningful compliments

6. Compliments make you Smile

Is it possible to give a compliment without smiling? No, very doubtful!! And we all know the health benefits of smiling. Smiling is an instant mood booster and helps the body to release cortisol and endorphins that provide health benefits.

Let the world know when you compliment somebody.

Everyone compliments each other on an individual basis but when you compliment someone in public, on a social platform the world comes to know the reasons for it. The best reward a person receives when the social world acknowledges and responds to your compliments. Eg- An academic achievement of an individual when complimented on Face book triggers off a world of compliments for that individual. Isn’t it a matter of joy, happiness and excitement?

Keep giving meaningful compliments and keep spreading positive vibes.  So who are you complimenting today? If you like my article, do leave a genuine comment (compliment) below.

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