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Mahesh lunch home Juhu – Crab and Wine Festival

Mahesh Lunch Home Juhu – Crab and Wine Festival

Mahesh Lunch Home Juhu is a restaurant that strives to live up to its name. This was the 16th year Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu has been hosting the ” Crab and Wine’ festival. It began on 15th Sept and is on until the 17th of October.

Mahesh Lunch Home Juhu

With over 30 dishes on the special menu, one can enjoy deliciously prepared crab delicacies paired along with complimentary wine on every starter/main course.

Sweetannu with at Mahesh Lunch Home

It was blogger’s table once again and there was the only crab on my mind. Crabs in every form, and from every land.

Mahesh lunch home Juhu

Ambiance at Mahesh Lunch Home Juhu

The  “Giant-size orange crab” was up again greeting all diners at the entrance. The overall ambience is cool and classy. Huge crab cutouts adorn the walls above the dining tables.  Outside the restaurant, there were live crabs in cages, I even lifted up one. Thank God its claws were tied. By now I was really hungry and all set to savour the crabs on the menu.

Mahesh Lunch Home juhu 

The Mouth Watering Menu at Mahesh Lunch Home

The specially curated menu has nearly 30 crab dishes from soups, starters and Main Course  and the best-aged wines from their cellar.


Starter at Mahesh Lunch Home
  1. Chilli Corriander Crab – This was a boneless dish, wok fried crab meat tossed in corriander and light spices. Very enjoyable indeed.
mahesh Lunch Home

2. Honey Mustard Crab – I have never ever savoured a dish with such a perfect blend of flavors. The soft shell crab bursting with a sweet, tangy spicy masala that had gone deep into the shell. It was so messy to eat, that I felt a bit embarrassed eating it in front of my fellow bloggers, however, when I saw them doing the same, I didn’t care. So  Finger licking good!!

Honey Mustard Crab

3 . Indonesian Kitam Bunkis Crab – Spiced and steamed over charcoal in a banana leaf. A tad bit salty but tasted delightful with appams. And went well with a paired wine.

Mahesh lunch home Juhu

4. Singapore pepper Chilli Crab – One stunner of a dish, reminded me of my trip to Singapore and enjoying this National dish of Singapore at JUMBO’S. Authentic taste, the sweet and spice combo was spot on.

Singapore pepper Chilli Crab

5. Thai ( yellow curry paste) Crab – Again a boneless crab meat cooked in yellow curry paste and infused lemongrass taste. Mild subtle flavours, now I was craving for more.

The starters were devoured but yet we wished to taste some, so here is part two with the main course dishes.

MAIN COURSE at Mahesh Lunch Home

1. Thai Chilly Basil Crab Curry – This was a delicious de-shelled crabs cooked in Balinese style smooth curry cooked with basil laves and coconut milk.

Thai Chilly Basil Crab Curry

2. Crab Meat Bhurji – You have to experience this at any cost. It’s a bhurji with shredded crab meat and served with buttered pav. Sweetannu recommends strongly.

Crab Meat Bhurji

3. Mangalorean Denji Curry – The colour and aroma of this orangy glazed curry made me salivate profusely. However, I was expecting some more from this dish. Wish the masalas were tempered some more to bring out the authentic Saraswati flavours of the curry. Crabs were cooked spot on.

Mangalorean Denji Curry

4.Kothmari Chimbura Saar – Another stunning curry, coarsely ground and cooked in Malvani style corriander green paste. Have it piping hot with steamed rice. Slurrpppp Slurrpppp!

I would like to thank the staff and patrons of Mahesh Lunch Home Juhu for extending their warm hospitality. And advice to all my fish loving, crab crazy friends to get there before the 17th of October.

Address: Kings Apartment, Juhu Tara Road, Next to J.W.Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049 
Phone: 022 6695 5554 for Reservations. 


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