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Life – The Things We should be Grateful.

The Things We should be Grateful in Life.

In the current scenario I am doing a lot of thinking. Sitting up all night and counting the stars. They look free and happy in the sky, yet why am I stuck inside? Then I think positively, to realize that I am safe inside and that is how it’s going to be for a while.

Shouldn’t I feel thankful for what is happening in life rather that grumble why I cannot go outside in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis? I am even writing blogposts and participating in the BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2020 from both my websites – and

So in this post on alphabet L, I write about Life and the things we should not take for granted. Very often the dear most things and people in our lives are taken for granted. They are also the elements that seem most consistent and reliable in our lives. A person assumes that they will always be there, and we never expect them to go away.  However, I consciously made efforts to think and prioritize on what matters in my life.

The Things We should be Grateful

1. Ourselves

Need to put yourself first in any given situation. It is you that is the main reason you work and toil each day. You are the one special person, so try not to take yourself for granted. Keep encouraging and motivating you to do better. So live your life to the fullest freely.

2. Our Home

Be thankful, you have a roof above your head where you feel safe and secured within the four walls even if it’s a small tenement. Plenty of Indians live below the poverty line on the roads and under bridges.  To have a safe place to stay, eat and sleep is just a norm for most of us. And without a doubt we take our homes for granted. Count it as your biggest blessing.   

The Things We should be Grateful

3. Our Family

I believe that most people think their family and close friends will always be there for them. As a result of this belief, these loved ones are often not treated with the kindness and respect which they deserve taking them for granted. We miss them when they are away. However, if we realize that our life will be empty without them, then we should be grateful for their existence in our lives. Making the entire atmosphere will be a happier one.

The Things We should be Grateful

4. Food and Water

It is in trying times like these, that we actually realize the value of food and water. The ‘What if’ trigger gets pressed in our head and the fear of scarcity creeps in. The once so easily available fast food on Zomato and Swiggy seems alien. And we value our home cooked meals and pure drinking water. The basic necessities of life should be valued and appreciated.  

5. Time

Time and tide waits for no man – A proverb taught in school. Yet, we take time for granted. Each day is passing by and it is never coming back. People realize the value of time when they see old age, but then I tell myself, why wait to be old?  It’s the small and simple things that matter to make a great day.

6. Our Health

A little ache & pain and all we do Is grumble. Do we even realize the pain of people who suffer from life threatening diseases like Cancer and AIDS? If we are blessed with good eyesight, can walk, talk and think with clarity, then we need to be grateful. Count our blessings and leave the rest to the Almighty.

7. Our Job

It’s the job we have that gets the income to run the house. Are we happy, or do we crib about the stress it gives us? I look at a job as a reason to earn and learn but never take it for granted or the reason of my existence. You have to make the job a part of your life and your life is not the job.

8. Laughter

Make laughter your life’s best medicine. It’s a good choice you can make. If you can laugh on small things and on silly mistakes or bloopers and also on funny words – it’s the best thing for you. You must take laughter for granted, and keep all your negativities away.

9. Loyalty

Close relationships remain faithful and stand by us through the good and bad times.  Do you say a kind word of appreciation once a day or wait to find faults. Even loyalty should not be ever taken for granted. Appreciation of dear ones on their strengths should be highlighted and weaknesses should be ignored. That’s how relationships compliment each other.

What are the other The Things We should be grateful for
The fresh air we get to breathe – Nature
The internet that connects us globally
A bed to rest your weary body
The communication channels for news, views, tunes
Books – They are silent companions yet talk to you

 Plenty of Laughter and loads of smiles everyday keeps troubles and negativities away. We should take time out to reflect on all the blessings in our lives and always be grateful to the Almighty.

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