Dessert Time with the Mystery Box

Dessert Time with the Mystery Box

Doesn’t the term ” The Mystery Box ” ring a bell? Well! yes  It does  have some connection to the Masterchef version yet is different in a way. You will unravell this mystery as you read on. Located in the lane opposite Mini Punjab is this newly opened Patisserie ” The Mystery Box”, I happened to visit with my daughter Zenia Irani aka Brandedbawi This mystery box was  a sweet and delightful journey for both of us  and there is  lots more in store for you guys.

Chef Shahzad with his BlackForest Cake creation


The Mystery box Guys

We were greeted by both the partners who own this lovely place, Ajay Agrawal and Chef Shahzad Variava.
Chef Shahzad is known for Masterchef India (Season 2)  a self made man who is passionate about his desserts and works 7 days a week. Ajay Agrawal on the other hand is the marketing person who is witty and such a fun person to chat with. The place is small yet so neat and has a sit down too.

Cranberry Mojito and Iced Tea

The music playing was pleasant and we started sipping on our iced tea and cranberry Mojito ( INR 80/each). I couldn’t help myself admiring the exquisite pastries  and chocolate counter. It was lined  with assorted yumminess is all shapes, sizes and had my eyes pop with delight.

Yummy desserts all ready to eat

The chicken croissant ( INR 80/) was huge and laden with smoked masala chicken till the last bite. It was flaky and well spiced and went so well with Mojito. A meal deal steal at INR 160/-

Flavoursome smoked chicken croissant

We also had the chicken Dynamite ( INR 190/) It was huge, very huge with  cheese and chicken in freshly baked brown bread roll. I say two persons can share it easily hence it gets my vote of value for money.

The huge Chicken Dynamite
The huge Chicken Dynamite

By now I could not control myself, I had to get up and take pictures of the desserts and yes, I did just that.

Click, Click at The Mystery Box


Layered Nutella and Roasted Hazelnuts slice

Chef Shahzad explained to us each dessert and he suggested we try the Layered Nutella and Roasted Hazelnut Slice. We all have had desserts but this one was out of the world. The smoothness and crunch with the awesome taste of Nutella was just simply superb. I recommend  this even if you are not a dessert person.

The Mystery Box Has alot to offer everyone. On the Menu there are Beverages, scrumptious sandwiches, muffins, tarts, cupcakes, chocolates, cakes to order in 4 hours and a variety of specially crafted desserts by Chef Shahzad  himself.
Some of the items I found interesting on the shelves and definitely worth trying are the Glass Jar desserts and No bake cheesecake that can be had with blueberry or strawberry topping.

Dessert Shots for just INR 50/-
Mystery box
Black Forest Cake

The Final verdict – Some really amazing desserts you must have never looked at or tasted ever before for a price that wont pinch your pocket. So come lets open this Mystery Box and not worry about those calories. You need to pamper your sweet tooth occasionally. I also got a sneak peak at their adorable Valentine’s Day chocolate box that comes with the prettiest assorted chocolates.

 Mystery Box
The Classic Valentine day Mystery Box

Contact: The Mystery Box, Shop 3, Sai Pooja Building, 16th Road, Near Mini Punjab Rest., Bandra West, Mumbai.
Call: 9920099381 for delivery
Follow: @themysterybox on Twitter and Instagram
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