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Traditional Punjabi Clothes and Accessories You Must Check Out

Punjab, the land of five rivers has a tremendous cultural dominance over the people of India, be it with respect to food, music, and even clothes. The Punjabi culture has always managed to get a good hold on the minds of Indians. Punjabi clothing has successfully wooed a majority of Indian audiences with its vibrant colours. This we can’t deny that latest traditional Punjabi suits look good on any woman. The trend of Punjabi kurta among Indian men is also widespread. 

If you are an admirer of fashion and like to try a variety of clothing from different cultures, then it’s time for you to try the latest Punjabi suits and kurtas.

You can also add several other authentic accessories. We have compiled a list of specific clothing and accessories that can be paired with any Punjabi suit. 

Latest Punjabi Suits

Phulkari Clothes

Phulkari, which translates to ‘flower craft’ has been an essential part of the cultural history of Punjab. The bright, colourful embroidery is usually seen in the dupattas worn by women of all ages, along with a Punjabi suit. Other clothes and accessories like lehengas, and kurtas are also adorned with this unique style of embroidery. If you wish to have a Punjabi clothing experience, then keep the phulkari embroidery in mind while selecting your favourite attire.

Latest Punjabi Suits


Jutti is a type of traditional shoe that has been an essential part of the royal wardrobe for 400 years. It is made up of leather and embroidered with threads made up of real gold and silver. The use of Jutti is quite common among both men and women in Punjab. Women also use it as an add-on with a Punjabi suit. It provides excellent comfort because of the flat sole and is usually worn at the times of weddings and festivals. The embroidery work on a Jutti is very detailed and signifies the cultural heritage of Punjab.

Latest Punjabi Suits

Patiala Salwar

As the name suggests, this baggy trousers worn by women of all ages emerged in Patiala, a city of great cultural significance. Men also wore it, but the practice faded with time. Patiala salwar is worn in combination by women along with a Kurti. Another accessory known as the chunni is also part of the elegant combination. The advent of modern design, along with the traditional touch, makes it a unique attire. After the Punjabi suit, Patiala salwar is the most comfortable attire that gives a graceful look to the Punjabi women. Top of the list for Latest Traditional Punjabi Suits

The Jama

Punjabi men wore the Jama during the Mughal era. It is a long piece that is tight on the upper body and eventually takes the shape of a skirt when it reaches the knee. Kings usually wore it along with a turban. The use of Jama was also quite common with women of that era.

These were some of the finest clothing options that you can choose from if you are planning to experiment with the Punjabi attire. A Punjabi suit is the most common form of elegant clothing. This can be worn by any Indian woman with kurta being one of the latest trends for men if you want to keep it simple.

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