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kuch Pal Offline with Ayushmann Khurrana & McDonalds

Meet and Greet with Ayushmann Khurrana- Kuch Pal Offline

McDonald’s recently organized a meet and greet with Bollywood superstar Ayushmann Khurrana. Through its latest campaign aims to encourage people to go offline for some time with the tagline “KuchPalOffline McDonald’s make share kar le” and invites them to reconnect in the real world with friends and families and share good times over good food. McDonald’s campaign invites customers to take a break from the online world and connect with friends and family in real-time – and what better place to do so than at McDonald’s where they could catch up with friends and family over their favourite products.

The message of Kuch Pal Offline

According to Kedar Teny, Director- Marketing & Digital, McDonald’s India West & South, “Today we are a lot more distracted – physically present and mentally absent – accentuated by the smartphone in our hands. This summer, McDonald’s is urging people to go offline for a while. All we are saying is go offline for some time; be present at the moment and share in the real world. Simply put we want to start a conversation and a movement amongst our customers with #KuchPalOffline.”

In its noble endeavor to get maximum people to participate, McDonalds India along with Hindustan Times collaborated an event held at St Catherine of Siena – Bandra. They organized a #kuchpaloffline day. The most exciting part was Celebrity Actor Ayushmann Khurrana decided to grace the occasion by spending quality time with the children.
We all arrived in spite of it being a very hot and humid Friday noon.

The event- Kuch Pal Offline

The Hall was laid out with the McDonalds food counter – Happy meals with toys and drinks which were served to the children later. The stage had a guitar ready for Ayushmann to entertain the kids. The balloon pool was filled with yellow and red balloons. There were mats and chairs for the comfort of the children and adults. Everyone was excited and were awaiting the arrival of the Bollywood guest of the day.

Much needed for a summer day
Balloon Pool filled with colourful balloons disappeared at the end.

Ronald McDonalds arrived first, being totally animated and spirited. He involves the children to talk, participate and dance with him. He made everyone laugh with his Hindi – English translations. Onstage, he tried to copy the dance moves of a very talented girl from the St Catherine school. Not only the kids, but we were also all having a rollicking time, forgetting to peep into our mobile phones. Clicking pictures on your smart phone was an exception to the rule today. Okay!

Ronald performing with the school girl
The arrival of Ayushmann Khurrana

And then there was a flutter in the air. All eyes were set on the entrance. Guess who arrives!!
Walking in simple jeans and T-shirt was Bollywood Celebrity Ayushmann Khurrana. Children could not be controlled at this point. They ran up on the stage, hugging and seeking all his attention. There was uncontrolled excitement in the hall.
Kuch Pal Offline

Kuch Pal Offline

Ayushmann Khurrana sat down, took his guitar and strummed his favourite numbers. The children clapped along and sang  “Pani da rang”, “Sadi Galli”, and “Mitti di Khusboo.” The rhythm and the melodies made the environment and the moments most cherished and memorable for all around.
Time for sharing Kuch Pal Offline, more Happiness with a #happymeal. Ronald and Ayushmann together asked each child their preference of meal, Veg or Non-Veg. Ayushmann willingly posed for the shutterbugs telling them the importance of #NoTVDay, an initiative by The  Hindustan Times. And more so, how he enjoyed #kuchpaloffline with the children today.


Now it was our time for some pictures and selfies. Ayushmann obliged each one of us by clicking selfies himself.


Ayushmann Khurrana

selfie ekta
Thank You, Ekta- for this great Selfie

On the whole, a wonderful Friday, it was an experience of a lifetime. Each one of us smiling and beaming to have joined in #kuchpaloffline with the team of McDonalds and HT.  Kudos on your noble cause.

Kuch Pal Offline
Three Cheers to the Bloggers team for the day.

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  • Apoorv Sharma

    Oh My God!!! I can’t believe you met Ayushmann Khurrana like that ? I so so so envy you. He’s someone I idealize and meeting him is what I have only dreamt about till now.

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