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J – The benefits and Joys of Traveling

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” … Danny Kaye

Benefits and Joys of Traveling – One of the reasons why people love to travel is for that grand discovery. You get to discover a totally new dimension whilst experiencing something that is likable and never done before. The joy of traveling is inter related to happiness, don’t you think so?

Do you know that travel is that one thing we invest in which can’t be taken away from us?  Buy a house, a car, a hair transplant, whatever… All of those things can suffer a disaster and be gone in an instant.  Once you’ve taken a vacation, it’s yours forever. The memories and experiences can’t be taken away from you. lets check out some benefits and Joys of Traveling.

 benefits and Joys of Traveling

1. To see new places

The unknown is often intriguing; especially when you get to see places and sights for the first time and knowing you’ve experienced something totally new. It’s about creating those lifelong memories that you can look back after a few years to realize they were beautiful. Its an adventure which you want to discover for life.

 benefits and Joys of Traveling

2. Travel enhances your decision-making skills

 Besides being self- reliant and independent while you travel, it also helps you to take decisions on your own.  You have plenty of options in terms of travel, you quickly learn to take that decision on how and where to go. What type of accommodation to choose and the places that interest you. Decisions on travel budgeting  is also involved in your decision making process.

3. To discover yourself

During travel you get to experience something much more different from the regular daily routine and pattern. From waking up, showering, making your cup of coffee and catching the same local train to work. Whilst you travel you do all of those things in a different pattern and environment challenging yourself to discover more than you can do. Your self esteem and self confidence gets ignited.

4. Easily make new friends

Every time you travel you end up meeting different people, people from all walks of life. Simple everyday people but in a different place and land. They seem no different from you yet interesting enough to learn more about. That is why you easily make friends when you travel.

benefits and Joys of Traveling

5. Traveling expands your appreciation for people and cultures

The learning process never stops, even while on a trip you learn so much about people, their cultures, traditions and more. We accept it and adapt our ways and mannerisms accordingly, even appreciating the hard work they put in. During travel, we start to learn how interconnected we are as humans. Even though our cultures may be extremely opposite yet on humanitarian grounds it is accepted globally. That is what we should respect and follow.

benefits and Joys of Traveling

6. Travel satisfies curiosity

 While not every person is as inquisitive as others, science says that interest is a quality that has advanced in humans. Learning never stops at any age and curiosity is multiplied four folds especially when we travel.

benefits and Joys of Traveling

7. Travel improves overall well being

Travel is known to be the greatest stress buster. Physically and emotionally you feel energetic and alert.  Indirectly aiding heart health and over all well being in an individual. Trust me; more happy hormones are produced in the body that will have a tremendous impact on your mental health too.

8. Traveling allows you to experiment with amazing foods

Oh yes, a food blogger like me benefits the most while traveling. I go out of my comfort zone to try local cuisines. Experiencing local food in a new country is entirely thrilling. From street foods to trying Gourmet meals at Michelin Star Restaurants I ensure to experience it all. Taking my tastebuds on the world-on-my-plate experience.

Why shouldn’t we travel more often when there are so many benefits and joys of traveling?! These positive and pleasures of traveling are not just a one-time change but it transforms you physically and psychologically making you a better human being.

I am participating in the BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2020. This is my letter J – Benefits and Joys of Traveling. Here is my post for letter I – Ideas and Recipes for a 20 minute meal

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