Things to do in Mumbai in the morning
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Interesting Things to do in Mumbai in the Morning

dadar station
Early morning scenes at Dadar Station – 6 AM

The city that never sleeps, Mumbai is often termed as the busiest cities in India. The streets are bustling with honking cars, while the trains are packed with busy office goers. Is there ever a quiet moment or a different side to this City? Does on ever get to listen to chirping birds or admire tall trees swaying in the cool breeze?  Well, yes…If I may add… Being a morning person who is in love with Mumbai city, I have discovered a few fun and happy things to do in Mumbai in the morning.

Things to do in Mumbai in the Morning

carter road

1. Visit Carter Road Promenade

Winter Mornings are so beautiful on the Carter road promenade. In fact, you need to get here before the sun rises. The enthusiastic morning walkers, cyclists will surprise you, in fact, to hasten your pace to keep up with them. Besides the exercise, you can ear chirping birds, watch out for the cycle vendor who sells masala chai/ idli chatni. Sometimes I wait till the sun comes up, get my dose of Vitamin D. Also watch the dhobhi who dries clothes near the shoreline.

madras diaries

2. Breakfast at Madras Diaries

Madras Diaries is different from the rest of South Indian restaurants. This pure vegetarian hidden gem is like a fresh breeze in Bandra. The menu card is quite interesting. You can order from the authentic Filter coffee and ghee Upma to the Chilli Jalapeno idlis. The quaint ambiance and service with a smile will definitely enchant you.

  • Location: Off Linking Road, Bandra West
  • Timings: 8.30 AM onwards
  • Cost for two: ₹ 700  (approx.)
  • Must-try items: Dosas Upma,  Podi
Love to visit Mount Mary Church
Things to do in Mumbai in the morning

3. Mount Mary Church

The church opens really early for morning mass and the area is quite hustling and bustling. The nearby tall trees are noisy with good morning chirps of happy birds. It makes a good starting point for bird spotting groups who visit nearby locations to sight birds. Winters are even better. The church is let with pretty lights. Mount Mary Church is the finest locations in Mumbai and you’ll be able to spend your time in Solitude, here. This place is peaceful at any hour of the day, especially mornings.

  • Location: Mount Mary Road, Bandra West
  • Timings: 6.30 AM to 9.30 PM
  • Cost: Entry is free
  • Must do: Light a candle for inner peace
Things to do in Mumbai in the morning

3. Sanjay Gandhi National Park 

The part is located in North Mumbai and is considered as the green heaven in Mumbai city. It is very popular with morning walkers and nature enthusiasts. It opens early and that is the best time to visit. You can rent a bicycle and enjoy the expanse of lush greenery all around, the beautiful lakes and enjoy local fruits and berries, hot corn sold at stalls.  You can be a tourist in your own city for a day just like I did a few months back.

  • Location: Borivali East, Mumbai
  • Timings: All days  except Monday 7:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Entry cost: Rs 36 for entry, but all other activities are chargeable

4. Rent a Bicycle

To get a real experience street life in Mumbai, bicycling is the best way to do it. Mornings are slow-paced in residential areas yet fast-paced near Dadar fruit, flower market, Siddhuvinayak Temple and Sasson docks. If you don’t own a cycle its ok as renting a bicycle is extremely cheap and convenient.

Early Morning scene at Sasson Dock

5. Visit the Sasson Docks

The Sasson Dock (fishermen wharf) in the mornings is another offbeat experience for every Mumbaikar. Oh, what fun to spend a gorgeous morning walking around the century-old Sassoon docks learning about its history? You can take a guided tour or just visit by yourself too. The dock structures are more than 140 years ago. Built-in 1871 by a Baghdadi Jew named David Sassoon, Sassoon Docks is the oldest in the city and one of the largest fishing markets in Mumbai today. You can see the boats come ashore with loads of fish and even witness a fish auction if lucky. But be prepared for a fishy fragrance. You will need to take a long shower after that experience.

7. Trip to Sewri Mangroves

The Mumbai local is the life of Mumbai city. Its the quickest way to travel from home to work and vice versa. Early mornings, the local trains are relatively empty. During the winter months, it makes a great trip via the Harbor line to get to Vashi. The trip of Sewr1 mangroves is a picturesque sight indeed.

dadar flower bazar

8. Trip to Colorful Flower Market

The Dadar Flower market opens as early as 5 am in the morning. The market is right outside the Dadar Station under the bridge leading to Pheonix Mills. In the narrow lane, one can see kiosks, stalls loaded with fresh flowers of every kind. The fragrance can get quite intoxicating. You will see vendors bargaining to buy in wholesale and porters carry huge flower baskets on their heads. Some load in nearby taxis or take the train to reach their destinations.

haji Ali

9. Take a pious trip to Haji Ali

The Haji Ali shrine gates open at 6 Am. It is located on a rock, there is a pathway that connects the shrine to the entrance. Not only Muslims but any community can visit the shrine. One can have a beautiful view from the shrine. But before that, you can visit the tomb of Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari and seek his blessing. iThe famous Juice center is just located outside the Gate and Tourists enjoy the juice over there.

Timings : 6:00 AM. – 10:00 PM.

Things to do in Mumbai in the morning

10. Priyadarshini Park in the mornings

Priyadarshini Park is a rare open space in Mumbai? A really well looked after the garden at Napensea Road. This beautiful green garden built in reclaimed land and offers a relaxing atmosphere away from the Madness of Mumbai city. Take a morning walk or admire the ocean, whatever you choose to do. So.e elders are seen doing pranayamas and have laughter sessions here in the morning.

Like a wise old saying goes, ” Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”. I would like to add ” Wake up early in Mumbai to see a different side that will enchant you, without a doubt”. Hope you liked my Things to do in Mumbai in the Morning blogpost?

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