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Inadequate nutrition in adults leads to compromised immunity

Ensure Drink – The past few months have been a testing period for all of us, with the work from home and doubling up of house chores.  Even though we are stressed about many things, it is our personal health and good quality food intake which is neglected, resulting in irregular and irrelevant eating habits. Even I was in no mood of eating healthy, by reaching out for the pakodas and bhajias, savouring it with sugar laden endless cups of tea.

This was the alarm bell that triggered me to make the switch- to the need for better immunity. I realized I was spoiling my fitness routine by being lazy. Read on to know more about how I improved my lifestyle?.

Ensuring the Switch

We all need to take special care of our general mental health and physical well being. It is here that a good balanced diet and added nutritional supplements aid in general healthy well-being. Nutrition influences our immunity in many ways, with various nutrients impacting immunity in different ways.

Let us look at different foods that can positively impact immunity in Adults. Your diet should include:

Nutrient-rich foods – a variety of seasonal fruits and leafy vegetables, whole grains, eggs and pulses.

Spices and herbs – Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, turmeric when added while preparing food will enhance flavor and benefit health.

Dairy intake – Nutrient-rich milk products in the form of yogurt, paneer, and ghee, etc.

We research about nutritional diet and their goodness but don’t consume them because they don’t taste good. Hence, we compromise on our diet again.A great solution to this can be to add a supplement to our daily diet that provides all immunity nutrients to our body and make us strong and healthy. One such drink that we have regularly added to our family diet plan is EnsureConsuming a nutrition drink like Ensure has proved to be a good solution to help provide strength & immunity

Ensure Drink

Ensure, truly is a good habit

On the recommendation of my friend, I got to know about Ensure drink. Ensure has the vital nutrients that play a very important role in meeting the daily nutrition requirements. I started ordering Vanilla Flavoured Ensure Health drink from Amazon.

Ensure – The Complete Balanced Nutrition

 I have started taking Ensure twice a day with a glass of milk.

  1. It keeps me satiated and feeling less hungry for a long time, avoiding the urge for eating excessively
  2. Ensure has 11 immunity nutrients that help in creating new immunity cells in the body, helping me build better immunity
  3.  It helped a great deal in supporting bone strength and muscle health. I realized that after regularly having Ensure, I was able to do my daily chores with ease.
  4. A glass of Ensure daily helped in adding the required nutrients like proteins, calcium, vitamin D & A that I was missing from my regular diet.
  5.  Ensure the complete, balanced nutrition powder drink is recommended as it provides all the essential food groups for all my family members above 35 years.

Advantage Ensure

1. Ensure makes a delicious breakfast shake when blended with fruit or berries.
2. It is a perfect post- workout drink providing instant energy and strength to bones and muscles.

3. Ensure drink can be consumed at any time of the day

4. Ensure is proven to be gluten free and suitable for a lactose intolerant people.  

Let us pledge to stay healthy and add healthy nutrition habits to our diet henceforth so that we all have the strength & immunity to live non-stop. #StrongerTogether


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