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Improve Your Quality of Life – Things You Can Immediately Do #MyfriendAlexa

Don’t we all wish to improve the quality of our life? I am sure you do. We can start improving the quality of your life right away with our quality of thoughts. Especially during these times of Pandemic when we all stuck in the house and feel blue.

We need to create change for ourselves because we all are fed up with being unhappy in the current Pandemic. Our lives are a direct reflection of what we feel, what we think, and what we are worth. Sometimes we are too harsh with ourselves and each one of us deals with a situation differently. They say that our life is 10% of what actually is and 90% how we react to it.

So we must make those small changes in our lives to improve the quality of life. During this Pandemic situation I have realized the importance of family, bonding and the simple attributes of life we take for granted.  A change in thought process can change your life forever and for the better.  However, in order to be successful, we must first accept that we can do it.

Financial security can definitely improve the quality of your life, but may not be the only thing required. There is so much more you can do to improve your life, such as improving your immunity and health, inter personal relations and emotional quotient. Actually, you can start this right away.

Even doing small things matter, such as:

1) Smiling at yourself in the mirror
2) Retiring an hour earlier to bed
3) Go for a walk without your phone
4) Reducing your TV viewing time
5) Lesser intakes of caffeinated and carbonated drinks

These simple steps will enable you to feel happier and also energetic, making you less stressed about the Pandemic situation. And now let us try and take some positive steps in the right direction. It is not difficult enough to make positive changes in our lives.

1) Schedule some family time

One must realize that in this material world we have to give more importance to relationships and family. A supportive family and friends can be the strength that will increase your happiness factor. One needs to reciprocate in the same way. Trust, be open-minded, and always be honest. With family bonding and interactions you will feel an instant sense of fulfillment.

Improve Your Quality of Life

2) Move your body

Time and again in my posts, I repeat the importance of moving your body and getting a good exercise. Trust me, when I skip exercising even for a day, I feel so low and miserable. Exercise not only increases blood circulation and burns calories, but gives you clarity in thought, curbs depression, and helps you sleep better.  One of the best things you can do to immediately improve your quality of life. Exercising with the intention of feeling happier and energetic will enhance the effect!

3. Celebrate smaller things

Life is a celebration so why not start by celebrating this wonderful gift from God. Each day we should find a reason to feel joy and peace. What can we celebrate? And how? We can start by celebrating anything that is small yet important e.g.-  A completion of a blog post, or your child completing homework without your help. And celebrations can be smaller yet meaningful, like a cup of your favorite hot chocolate or a relaxing soaking foot spa at home.

4. Start laughing genuinely

People love funny friends who you can make others laugh and make situations lighter with a joke. Laughter should be like a daily vitamin that you pop in your mouth; only this one comes out of your belly instead of getting in. Even reminiscing funny incidents of your life which brings out laughter can be a beautiful stress buster.

Improve Your Quality of Life

5. Enjoy the beauty of nature

Sometimes it just takes a step outside your house to appreciate nature and feel better. Studies have proven that being with nature reduces stress, makes you more creative and also improves your memory.  Your oxygen levels and your lifeline depends on Mother Nature. So make it a point to be one with nature as much as possible.

6. Use the power of Gratitude

My daughter Zenia explained to me the hidden meaning of Gratitude. I now understand the Power of Gratitude! I was constantly complaining about sitting at home and having nothing to do. It is then, she mentioned how secure I was in my home environment and that I should be grateful for the simple things in life and not take things for granted. Everywhere you look, there is another reason to say ‘thank you’.

What are you grateful for today? I am grateful for the air I breathe, the hot shower I can take, and the warm bed I sleep.

And then she told me to maintain a gratitude journal and write 5 things I am grateful for on each day, keeping in mind the following pointers.

1. Recognize the blessings in disguise.
2. Don’t take people and situations for granted
3. Respect and value yourself
4. Accept new opportunities in life

For every negative thing that comes against you, find something positive to replace it  So decide to start now because you deserve to love yourself, and your life. These life-changing steps will ensure a much more fruitful, positive, and holistic quality of life.

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