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How will travel change after Covid-19? Embrace the New Normal

How will travel change after Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the entire global travel Industry to a standstill. In the past couple of months, one could not hear the loud sound of an airplane in spite of living in the neighbourhood of the airport.  Despite having multiple country visa stamps on the passport you are not permitted to travel. There is currently a worldwide pause on International traveling. Most of the tourists had to abandon their travel plans and are unsure about the refund procedure also.

Most of us are stuck in the four walls of our house during lockdown. Hoping and thinking positively for things to improve on the current health scare. We all wish for the cloud of uncertainty to float by and the sun to shine. Will we be able to travel again? Will we or won’t we be able to travel again? And what will be the scenario, how will travel change after Covid-19? ? Are you seeking the same answers which are popping up in my head?

What are the new travel predictions and trends that will follow post lockdown.  Here are a few debatable options.

1. Flight tickets will be a lot more costly

As countries start to open up their boundaries with all the precautionary measures, it will only add up to the expenses of sanitization, PPE and other gears required to keep the virus at bay. This added expenditure will have to be borne by the passenger. According to the IATA, social-distancing measures will lessen the planes’ full capacity load to 62%. However, most airlines need their planes to be 77% full to be cost-efficient. Would you pay double or even three times the fare for a holiday? I certainly would not until an emergency calls.

How will travel change after Covid-19

2. Solo Travel can be a good option

Social distancing is the key factor that is playing an important role to beat the virus in breaking its chain. Therefore solo travel instead of traveling in a group seems to be the best option post the Covid-19 pandemic.  When you travel alone you can be extra cautious to avoid large gatherings, marketplaces and other crowded spots.

3. Add sanitization to the security level

Rather than travelling to a far off popular tourist destination, tourists and travelers will look for better options. A long weekend stay at a nearby rental property which is fully sanitized and with things to do outdoors should be the preferred choice. Hotels and properties which are cleaner, less popular will find greater favor. International Airport will not be a place for socializing any more with the constant announcements to maintain social distancing. Sanitization kiosks, thermal screenings and baggage sanitization processes will be introduced to the check in procedures.  

How will travel change after Covid-19

4.  Welcome road tripping again

Road trips will be the best form of travel post the pandemic as it involves being flexible while understanding safety. A road trip to a lesser-known retreat or other attraction in a neighboring state will be an ideal choice. Domestic travel will be preferred than going abroad for the next year or so.

5. Make way for plenty of compromising

Each person travelling will be checked and rechecked for temperature before boarding a flight. This will be the new normal. Long immigration lines and never-ending sanitization procedures are going to be the new norm. The fun element of traveling will be definitely lost. No person will come up to shake your hand to make friends. The new flight rules may require to take a blood test or nasal swab before taking a flight or upon arrival. So be prepared to adjust to the new way of travel.

How will travel change after Covid-19

6. Be a responsible traveler

While packing all your essentials for your journey, you will need to pack plenty of sanitizer, tissues and masks along. Please discard your used tissues or masks in a closed bin. Do not have close contacts, or litter your disposables. Travelers will be carrying the corona hangover and precautions of being a responsible traveler will be your true test.  

7. Travel Insurance is a must

Even more than ever, travelers now will have to procure travel insurance from medical and health perspective. Check whether it covers your necessary health related concerns.  Many insurance plans have changed their coverage for COVID-19-related health issues. In short, Travel Insurance is a must.

8.  A rise of Travel Advisors

A new set of experts in the field of various travel modes will rise to fame. These travel advisors will be well versed in bookings/ cancellations/ refunds. They will be able to guide you with the best deals on flights, cruises, holidays, lesser-known destinations, and periods of travel.

Travel will never ever be the same again. With a vaccine which is probably more than a year away, travelers will have to wait and watch. So it’s better to embrace the New Normal coz this is how travel change after Covid-19 will happen.

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  • Swati Mathur

    Very informative post. World is not going to he the same and these tips can make every travellers life easy. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Surbhi prapanna

    Yes agree travel will be challenging and different post covid 19 and we have to take extra precaution while traveling. Having a travel insurance plan is good idea. Will talk about it with my husband.

    • Ujjwal Mishra

      I really hope the time to travel and get back to the old normal soon. You have mentioned valid points, plus travel will be oy on need basis. Travel for leisure will take even longer.

  • Rajshree S

    Ohh absolutely!! I think Travelling will change a quite deal even after this pandemic is over. Along with flight tickets, I feel even the travel insurance will be costlier.

  • Princy Khurana

    i have been thinking about the same since this pandemic broke. we had plans to visit GOA but now we are home. i completely agree with your thoughts.

  • Taranpreet

    Absolutely agree with what you have written. Travel and the face of it will completely change. We will have to be extra cautious. Loved all the tips shared by you

  • Dr Bushra

    Travel is not easy in COVID 19. These tips is going to eases the traveling period. Agree that health insurance is must during traveling

  • Rakhi Parsai

    I agree with the way things have shaped out in past 4-5 months travel will drastically change. Not sure how much people would like to travel with the fear of this. But yeah as you have said its important we travel in as much responsible way as possible.

  • Amrit Kaur

    You have mentioned the right points as sooner travel would be costly as well as difficult as we would be required to take precautions and I believe we won’t have a great experience as before.

  • Ishieta

    Reading this i am worried that travelling will become restrictive and the exclusive domain for those that have cash to spend! I am okay with increased care but compromising and escalated costs not something that i am looking forward to.

  • Judy Morris

    Oh yes I was expecting that the flight tickets will go costlier post COVID. Also the security level has already been increased with the sanitizing thing. I am a road trip lover so for me there wont be much of problem within India.

  • Kavita Singh

    This was quite an informative post and pretty much need of the hour too. I am still a bit paranoid about the travel but I guess, we all have to learn to live the new normal.

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