avoid Weight gain on vacation
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How to avoid weight gain on vacation

How to avoid weight gain on vacation? Being a big foodie, I often worry about a how-to on a holiday. However strongly I wish to dine and try all the restaurants,  local cuisine my friends recommend. However weight gain is my biggest concern at the back of my mind. However, it is proven that after a holiday, many holidaymakers actually don’t lose all the weight they gained during a vacation. So with experience and trial and testing, I discovered a few tricks that will work are the small things you can do to not gain weight on vacation.

Research about the local cuisine

Almost all destinations have their special delicacies tourists should try. You will be able to check these out on the internet as well. local “must-try” delicacies. One must make a list to decide which ones you really wish to try. Additionally think about what products will be in season and what more locally available. Plan your meals around them and relish.

Carry some snacks while road travel

Remember to carry along a healthy snack in your backpack. Keep them within reach so you don’t have to make futile stops on the road and opt for for fast food. If you must make a stop, you can g for the corn on the cob instead of vada-pav.  

Explore places by walking

Evening walks or jog around your hotel does wonders to your physical state while it also builds up an appetite for dinner. Try to gather information on the safety of walk around the area. Some cities are not so walk-friendly, but may have recreation parks in the hotel vicinity which you can explore.

How to avoid weight gain on vacation

Start a meal with a healthy appetizer

Eating out more frequently in the midst of a get-away doesn’t need to convert into gorging at each dinner. Start your meal with a salad or a soup. This is the way to eating less all through your feast. Eating a starter will guarantee that you’re not starving when your dish arrives.

How to avoid weight gain on vacation

Swim or workout at the hotel

While most of holidaymakers like to laze in bed or sleep that extra half an hour. I am one person who likes to rise up early to take a good 20 laps in the swimming pool or use the hotel gym to work out. Beaches have their own charm, a long walk or jog in nature beats none other way of exercise. Not only energizes me but helps me work up an appetite for the buffet breakfast.

How to avoid weight gain on vacation

Limit your drinks

Endless beers on the beaches of Goa will surely make you gain those unwanted pounds. So limit yourself to drinking and drink wisely when on a holiday. In fact, guzzle on extra water to stay hydrated and fuller. In the picture sister Farzeen Irani, my traveling partner. We are enjoying a local icecream Soda, even though it was sugary we cut the calories of beer and hard liquor.

Find the local supermarket

After arriving at your destination, make it a point to check out the local market or supermarket to buy a few basics. Fresh fruits, ready oatmeal packets are a good option if you do not wish to rely on your hotel’s breakfast buffet every day.

How to avoid weight gain on vacation

Just Relax coz you’re on holiday

And last but not the least don’t stress so much about your weight. Try to do your best. You can always come back to the routine with more vengeance. Get good air, sleep and stay off gadgets. Family time and making memories is more important right? And dont worry about how to avoid weight gain on vacation.

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