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How BYJU’S is helping students transform into critical thinkers?

How BYJU’S is helping students – I still have happy memories of my school days. However, I get nightmares, when I recall the times I spent endlessly trying to memorize my textbooks. This would be a routine a few days before the examinations. We would memorize different subjects through the method of regular repeating the written material. This method was popularly referred to as Rote Learning. Without understanding and the applications of the subjects, it was a practice to rote learn to answer questions during examinations.

The current education system in our country is changing but at a very slow pace. The Rote Learning method is still prevalent. Parents still rely on this method to get their children through the examinations. I wonder why our education and teaching pedagogy still focuses on examinations and the emphasis on practical applications is minimalistic.

How BYJU'S is helping students

The future is in ‘Meaningful Learning

Rote learning is passé and doesn’t make a good base for learning any subject. It often results in wrong impressions and understanding of concepts.

With the ongoing change and betterment of education systems, Meaningful Learning has come into practice. Meaningful Learning includes a proper understanding of the subject. Here a child is aided to think, apply and not just memorize. You can relate the knowledge with practical experiences and then see the results. 

Why are learning apps important?

Children learn better by using all their senses and doing something creative. This makes them learn better. They also prefer using educational apps, even before the system of “School from Home’ started due to lockdown. They find it very stimulating, motivating whilst having loads of fun too. Using an App is a one on one personal experience. It is far more interesting than attending traditional classroom lectures, where the teacher uses textbooks, chalk, and blackboard to teach the topic.

How BYJU'S is helping students, BYJU

Introducing BJYU‘S

One learning app that has made a difference to improve the quality of education since the last decade is BYJU. It is helping every student learn better with a blend of relevant content, media and technology. It is also interactive and personal, providing individualized learning. Thus, making it the largest used educational app with over 3,00,000 annual subscriptions.  BYJU’S as a pioneer is leading the path to shape the future of education.

How BYJU’S is helping students transform into critical thinkers?

BYJU’S approach combines world-class teachers, proven pedagogical methods, innovative technology, and data science to deliver personalized learning from K to grade 12.

1. BYJU’S understands how children learn; hence each program and module is uniquely crafted at the speed of the child who is using the app, allowing them to understand while learning at their own pace.

2. At BYJU’S students can learn from the best teachers across the entire Nation. And every lesson is innovatively presented using world-class technology and real life-like teaching aids. The videos presented make it interesting to learn hence strengthening the basic concepts and they begin to learn consistently.

3. Tests are also conducted in a unique manner, unlike long written examinations. Children look forward to Tests as they are fun for them. They are creatively conducted with formats like sliders, bubble bursts, picture sorts, word puzzles, crosswords etc.

4. Where in other schools, sometimes language could be a hindrance for learning, but the BYJU’S app allows children to watch the study videos in the language of their choice. Options of video subtitles and speed control are the added benefit of BYJU’S.

5. For any state-level Boards, ICSE and CBSE syllabus is very important for their examination. At BYJU’S a complete, well-structured syllabus is provided for children to prepare and be fully ready to appear for any examination.

6. One on one mentoring with every student is done on a personal basis. A detailed analysis of the child’s progress and also inputs from the parents helps the mentor guide the student through different sessions, lectures till the examination.

Final Thoughts

Rote learning is definitely a thing of the past. In this new millennium where children need constant motivation to learn and pay attention to academics, it is easier done with the right educational apps like BYJU’S. While being exposed to technology, children are learning to problem solve and be independent, preparing them for the future.

Many of the skills used in the apps are similar to what is required to perform everyday tasks and certain job functions.

BYJU not only provides academic knowledge through teaching and education but transforms the child by shaping his future, making him ready for a successful career. BJYU’S app is a window that opens your child’s bright future. How BYJU’S is helping students is commendable.

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  • Sanjay Thampy

    Byjus seems to have the right educational app which is required for the modern methods of teaching.

    With world-class teachers, proven methods and innovative technology, they have definitely made a mark in the field of education.

  • Afreen Ansari

    The BYJUS app is definitely something that is needed the most especially in today’s time when Education is getting affected. Their world-class teachers, proven methods and innovative technology will definitely help

  • Ramya Pandey

    Byju is definitely a nice app that is helping millions of students with learning. I was also planning to register my kid for the same, your article helped me in getting a clarity.

  • Sundeep

    In this pandemic time Byjus is really helpful when the whole eductation system is affected. My niece is happy with the app and the way they teach.

  • Raksha

    Wow I have heard so much about BYJU app and the trainings and learnings it provides. I think that is the future for kids. Online learning is the way to go and it definitely does help the students in many ways.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    It is heartening to see that institutions like Byju’s bringing about a silent revolution in teaching in India. With the emphasis on holistic learning and critical thinking, the days of rote learning seem to be a thing of the past.

  • MeenalSonal Mathur

    Critical thinking is most important and it develops brain to larger extent. I am happy that education system and platforms like BYJU’S are coming with courses that help children to develop learning skills.

  • Pamela Mukherjee

    The BYJUS app is definitely something that is needed the most especially in today’s pandemic time when Education is getting affected and students are really facing it. Online learning is improving and this is an example of the improvement.

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