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Let’s talk about Home cleanliness products today…

I am always on the lookout for the best cleaning products and techniques to keep my home spotlessly clean. Often I ask my friends for recommendations and easy home cleanliness tips. Don’t we wish that cleaning can be an easy task with the best products available? Who would want to come home tired and then clean up a dirty kitchen? Hate those harsh acids and chemical cleaners which could be harmful to your skin besides emitting a horrid stink.

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On weekends, I get into the saaf- safai mode. Cleaning the walls, scrubbing the corners of the floor, getting my windows and bathroom tiles shinning without a spot is a routine. There is no time on weekdays as its a rush for time. But what if I told you about a new range of Herbal Home Cleaning products that will make your homes spotless clean every day. So let’s try Herbal Strategi to keep your homes spotless clean this monsoon to keep germs and diseases at bay.

Home Cleanliness Products
Home Cleanliness Products
The Team of Herbal Strategi

The team at Herbal Strategi believe that good health and a clean home go hand in hand. This can be achieved without the use of harmful chemicals. Herbal Strategi strives to provide high-quality natural products in India, to allow you to get away from the harmful products you use in your day to day routine. With their range of natural cleaning products that are made from earth-friendly ingredients, people can find it an ideal alternative to chemical cleaners.

Benefits of Herbal Home Cleanliness c products

1. Nontoxic – With natural herbal products it is much safer to use and won’t cause any harmful side effects.

2. Gentle on skin – Herbal ingredients used in the products are gentle on your utensils and skin.

3. Pure environment – Chemicals in products get released in the environment causing more harm. But herbal products are safe and eco-friendly.

4. Quality air – You don’t have to bear the strong smells of chemicals released in the air while using floor cleaners, mosquito repellent, etc.

5. Less expensive – Actually the rates are lesser than a few products available in the market. The cost of environmentally friendly cleaning products has become much more in demand instead of products with the chemical.

Range of Herbal Strategi products

I received the herbal hamper for my home cleanliness regime.  It was an impressive range with the cool sturdy green plastic packaging that can be recycled. Nonspill and attractive bottles too.

Herbal Strategi liquid cleaner

1. Herbal liquid dishwasher – The herbal dish washing liquid is mildly fragranced and made with plant extracts. Gentle on the hands while using.

Herbal Strategi

2. Kitchen spray cleaner – This Eco-friendly herbal kitchen cleaner spray keeps any surface sparkling clean and prevents any sort of flies or tiny kitchen insects. This Mop spray can also be used effectively to clean your microwave, stove hobs, and your chimney.

Herbal Strategi

3. Glass Cleaner Spray – Its made from 100% herbal ingredients. Works well for home and also your car. It magically works on any type of glass and leaves no residue, keeping the glass surface shiny and neat.

4. Toilet and Bathroom cleaner – It’s good for Indian and western toilets. Their natural bathroom cleaner minimizes calcification and removes hard water stains. Try it to believe it.

5. Herbal Floor cleaner – The best part of this product doesn’t have any chemicals at all. Can be used safely around small children too. You can try this natural floor cleaner on any kind of surface.

Home Cleanliness Products

6. Herbal room disinfectant and fresher – All these air-fresheners are extracted from natural ingredients and are thus extremely eco-friendly and have no side effects on spraying in the air.

Home Cleanliness Products

7. Herbal hand sanitizer – This mini pack can fit into any bag. Ideal for travel, gym and all those seeking optimal cleanliness. This herbal hand sanitizer continues to keep your hands  supple and soft and also gives you germ-free skin.


Check their website for the entire range and price of products. (

As lives become busier, and our daily schedules tighter, let’s not stress about home cleanliness. Herbal Strategi eases our lives with the latest products promising to make annoying chores even easier without chemicals, thanks to its natural ingredients.

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