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The Ultimate Healthy Snacking option Hack

Healthy Snacking option –   I am on the lookout for diet snacks or low-calorie munchies. Some of the present products in the market are boring and plain, just like a chalky bland Khakra or puffed tasteless puris and crispies. Snackaholics like me can rejoice now. Now in-between meal snacking, midnight hunger pang snacking not a problem at all.
If you want to discover something new, low calorie yet flavorsome


Sustenance Food -Snacking The Delicious Artisan Food

Introducing ‘Sustenance Foods’, a boutique gifting studio by Richa and Neha that have brought together a range of delicious artisan food that is handcrafted and made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients.

Snacking Sustenance Foods

Sustenance Foods introduces handcrafted granola that is gluten-free, packed with nuts & seeds, 100% natural and sweetened with locally sourced organic honey. Each batch is hand mixed and baked in small batches at low temperatures to give it a nice crunch and toasty flavour. The granola is packed in beautiful bottles, they consist of Crunch rocks are clusters of sunflower, watermelon, flax and pumpkin seeds along with wholesome figs and also delicious dark chocolate. They were perfectly coated, crunchy and cohesive.

They have three wonderful flavours:

Sustenance Foods Flavors

1. Cranberry & Pistachio  When you are looking for some breakfast inspiration, add naturally crunchy to your Greek yogurt and enjoy guilt-free.

Healthy Snacking options

2. Fig & Walnut – A perfect Granola along with milk and banana is all you need for a power-packed day.

Fig & Walnut

3. Chocolate & Hazelnut– This tasty mixture is completely natural, Simple yet healthy granola is the next best option I have recently discovered to start my day.

For more information/ menu on Granola visit:

The market has recently been booming with healthy snacking alternatives. Another gem that I discovered is Unsnack, a pleasant and refreshing addition to that list. Now let’s check out what they have to offer.

Healthy Snacking options


Unsnack focuses on healthy eating habits and aims to replace the traditionally available unhealthy snacks in the market. They claim to create a healthy mixture from 23 high nutrition superfood ingredients – like Goji berries, Blueberries, Hazelnut, Pine nuts, Highly nutritious seeds, and the likes – blended with a unique proprietary mixture of herbs and spices. Order your bottle today on with the discount code TIEOFF10 and avail a special 10% off.

Snacking The Unsnack Products

Best way to Unsnack

  1. For those midnight hunger pangs, Unsnack is the best Healthy night-time munch you should always have stocked in your kitchen cupboard.
  2. Munch on some healthy goodness instead of reaching out for the calorie-loaded carbs, Pre and post-workout energy booster.
  3. The ideal source of nutrients for kids, and a healthy option for tiffin time.
  4. An ideal source of energy for travelers and can be Carry along in your purse or bag.
  5. An alternative to sugar-laden desserts, Sweetannu recommends Berry Blast.

Unsnack comes in two interesting varieties:-

Exotic Masala – A pleasantly spiced addictive flavor.
Berry Blast – Slightly sweeter, crunchy and enjoyable.

If you want a  structured diet plan and healthy snacking option then you should go with the experts. Snackexperts is a team of youngsters, with a background in agriculture and technology, striving to deliver a healthy snacking experience! Snackexperts

Snack Experts Product

Snack Experts

The motto Snack experts team follows is ” Snacking can not only be fun but healthy too” A Chennai based company but through online orders, shipment can be availed all over India. It’s a great new kind of snack subscription box that comes in many pre-set plans that you can opt from and has a huge variety of amazing snacks to choose from.  Every snack tastes healthy and delicious at the same time. The packaging is also thoughtful as each packet has a zip lock closure which is great. And loved the idea about the recyclable outer box.

Healthy Snacking options

What came in my Healthy Snacking option Subscription box?

1. Original Seeds Flapjack – Original Seeds Flapjack is a blend of Oats with dry seeds, Jaggery and Butter.

2. Oats & Nuts Ladoo – A mix of Oats, Black/Brown Seedless Dates, Ghee, Fig, Almonds, Walnuts, Pasta and Flax Seeds. Not overly sweet, perfect for after-meal sweet tooth craving.

3. Kiwi Amla Bonanza – A rich nutritious snack of dried kiwi, Amla and black raisins, fun to munch at any time.

4. Old Fashioned Nut Mix – Mix of roasted peanuts, pepper cashews, almonds, and walnuts. A perfect handful of protein punch after a workout.

Healthy Snacking options

5. Kodo Millet Crispies – This low cal Kodo Millet flour crispies make a perfect tea time snack

A perfect gift you can send across to your loved ones anywhere in India.
Check the website to order your subscription box or you can even avail of Snack Expert goodies on Snack Helpline – 044-49540010

 So  Come and fill that emptiness with goodness. And the next you want to buy me a surprise gift, you know what to get me for a Healthy Snacking option.

Ciao !!! Happy Munching
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