Healthy Snacking and Snackible Reviews

Let’s try healthy Snacking

When we think of diet snacks or low-calorie munchies the general idea is boring and plain, just like a chalky bland Khakra or puffed tasteless Kurmura. These we reluctantly have at teatime to save unnecessary calories. Right? But now the tea time scene has changed in my house, read on to learn more…
My whole perception changed when I was asked to try out a Weekly box from Snackible.

Snackible Reviews

What is Snackible

I placed an order for some snacks from and the team promptly delivered to me in a short time. Today I am tasting a few and presenting Snackible Reviews of the snacks I ordered for y’all! Snackible is basically an online/offline subscription-based company that provides healthy, unique and tasty snacks, which are delivered either to your office or home. These snacks are available in either a weekly or monthly size.

Snackible Reviews

I received in a white cardboard box with a green Snackible logo. It was a sturdy box neatly packed with the snacks I had ordered in reusable zip-locked plastic packets. In the box, there was a note of the products enclosed. The snacks have the whole nutritional information on the back of each packet …


Each sturdy Ziplock pouch contained a snack so you can have some and zip it again not having to worry to empty it out. The back cover had a description of the product so you exactly know how much calories you are consuming.


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Kale Chips with Bajra Puffs

Dried kale and bajra puffs together with a ‘Thai Sweet Chilli’ flavour . You will love the sweet and spice I assure you. This any time hunger pangs or tea time snack that can be carried around in your bag easily and devoured guilt-free. Not everyone would like the taste however it was different from regular snacks available in the market.

Snackible Reviews

Mexican Roasted Chickpeas

This one is my personal favourite. Baked chickpeas with a Mexican flavoring. A great munchie for Teatime or TV time. Rich in taste and protein and not too hard to crunch.



Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies

The Ragi Cookie had a nice grainy texture, the chocolate was a great combination and enhanced the flavour. It was half coated with chocolate and that reminded me of an old-time Bollywood number” Pyaar ka Vaada  50-50″ I loved every bite.



 Roasted Seed Mix:

This packet of Crunch rocks are clusters of sunflower, watermelon, flax and pumpkin seeds along with dates and almonds bound together by corn syrup. They were perfectly coated, crunchy and cohesive. It’s also a pretty filling snack, and healthy because of all the ingredients it contains.


Roasted Soybean Mix: 

Protein fixes all the way… This mix has roasted soybean, masoor dal, watermelon seeds, mix spices, pepper, and salt. It has a serious crunch and irresistible taste. A very addictive taste, you will not miss the deep-fried counterpart available in the market. Eat Healthy, snack on Snackible.


Snackible Reviews


The market has recently been booming with healthy snacking alternatives. Snackible is a pleasant and refreshing addition to that list. Now pass me that bowl of Mexican Roasted Chickpeas.

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