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Health Benefits of Palm Oil – MPOC Bollywood Theme Bloggers Meet.

T’was a wonderful experience being part of MPOC bloggers meet,  it was the second meet in Mumbai but the most special, one of a kind. To learn more about the Health Benefits of Palm Oil in a very unique way.

MPOC bloggers meet

Date and venue : 30th September. Sunville Banquet Halls, Worli. 

Name of the Event : Healthy Living With Palm Oil

Theme : Dress up like a Bollywood Star. 

The Flow of Event: 


Ms. Bhavna Shah from MPOC-India addressed the team of bloggers present at the venue. A brief yet eye-opening presentation on Palm oil. Some of the talking points were eating and lifestyle changes in urban setups. How indirectly we all use the most versatile oil -Palm oil. And the health benefits of cooking with Palm oil.

Health Benefits of Palm Oil

This was followed by a brief introduction of Mr. Sandeep Bhan – Cheif Operating Officer of Sime Darby Oils, Part of Sime Darby Plantation. He was witty and humorous in his talk and kept the bloggers engaged in his conversation while discussing his role and goals in the company.   And then the fun began with a treasure Hunt. We all were divided into teams and were handed our first clue.

Some of the highlights included

1. Blind-Folded Food Tasting Session at Barana, Atria Mall. The idea was to taste the dish and list the ingredients. It was a mint fritter, light, delicious and beautifully deepfried in Palm oil. The best part, it was not a tad bit oily. 

2. A Quiz on Palm Oil at The Game, Attria Mall. We got to learn so much more about this most widely used oil all over the world. 

Healthy Salads

3. Preparation of a Healthy Salad with seven ingredients including a Palm oil dressing at Lighthouse Cafe. And what I learned that Palm oil is a healthy dressing option too. 

Health Benefits of Palm Oil
Check out the Bollywood Divas. Can you guess any?

4. We also participated in a fastpaced relay race to prepare a sweet dish with ingredients like ice-cream, Nutella, biscuits, Ferrero Rocher. Did you know Palm oil is largely used in consumer durable and edible products? 

I did the Anju – Manju act from Chaalbaaz

Bollywood Finale

And then the Bollywood Star-studded Finale, where each one of the bloggers went up on stage to enact a character with a famous dialogue. From Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota hai to Circuit from Munnabhai MBBS, each one put their best foot forward. I had mixed feelings about attending it. But nonetheless was very proud to put up a unique act on stage. I enacted a double role Anju-Manju from Chaalbaaz.

Health Benefits of Palm Oil

What are the health benefits of Palm Oil in cooking that I discovered that day. 

1. Palm Oil is bestowed with health benefits, including balanced fatty acid composition and presence of Tocopherol and Tocotrienois. This makes palm oil far more superior to other edible oils that are used in cooking. 

2. Palm oil has been used by our ancestors too. Not only for frying but in cooking too. They lead a healthy happy life. This is due to Palm oil being cholesterol-free. 

3. Palm Oil is a highly versatile oil that could be substituted for hard animal fats (butter and ghee)This is perfect for baking, hence largely used in mass production of cookies, biscuits, bhujias, etc. It is also a staple ingredient for breads,  fast-food, and other industries.

Health Benefits of Palm Oil
The entire Blockbuster Team

Final thoughts Malaysian Palm Oil Bloggers Meet

It was a super hit bloggers meet, with a great round of interaction with the PR, brand ambassadors, and other fellow bloggers. Discovered the best Health Benefits of Palm Oil too.

Hip Hip Hurray 

It was a Palm Oil enriched day. ? For more details about the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, please visit here

Here is my earlier Blogpost on the History of Palm Oil

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