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Happiness Makes the World go round.

Happiness Makes the World go round.

Everyone wants to be happy in this world, Everyone wants happiness but few really know what they are looking for.
Is it an external feeling or an internal virtue one has to develop? Experts are still looking for the answer. Happiness Makes the World go round but how?

Happiness Makes the World go round.
My favorite happiness Quote

The Oxford dictionary meaning of ‘Happiness’  is the feeling you have when things give you pleasure and can be quite a lively feeling; contentment is a quieter feeling that you get when you have learned to find pleasure in things.

So lets elaborate on this beautiful feeling in the post below. When I popped the question to some of my friends on Facebook, this is the answer I got.

Happiness Makes the World go round.
What makes people happy

I broadly categorized it into three stages. Let’s learn how Happiness Makes the World go round.

Carefree and happy me sitting cross legged

Happiness in Childhood.
Happiness Makes the World go round.

Childhood is the happiest period of our lives. When we have the love of parents and elders, totally carefree having no tensions of earning money. Those happy days with friends, about the “naughty” things and the fun things we had together.  Those will always be the happiest days of our lives.

Happily married for 32 years- Touch Wood

Happiness in Marriage

A happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of friendships, all the enjoyment of sense and reason and indeed all the sweets of life.” ~ Joseph Addison.

Need to have trust in your partner, enjoy lighter moments while doing the things both partners like. That’s my mantra of a happy married life. You need to face all the problems together and talk it out rather than argue. Overall, the only optimum combination of factors analyzed could guarantee happiness in family life. Happiness Makes the World go round especially with my beautiful family.

My happiness, My lifelong Joy

Happiness in Motherhood

The happiest moment in my life would be the day my daughter was born. That bungle of crying joy which I held in my hands for the first time, that feeling of extreme happiness I experienced, I cannot express how I felt in words.

We have grown up as friends, sharing each other’s secrets and happiness. I have learned so much from my daughter Zenia. She is a wonderful gifted child and I am so proud of her.

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The happiest moments in our life came last year when she got married to Binoy Parikh. Wishing them a happy married life ahead.

God bless them both

When a person understands the purpose of their life, they are contented, and therefore, happy forever.

Zee will always be my baby

My idea of Happiness

My idea of happiness is to find those small simple things in life that make me smile and get a feeling of elation even if it is momentary. If there’s a certain person in our lives that make us happy, we need to find that person.

Happiness Makes the World go round.
Happiness Makes the World go round.

While finding a way to spend more time with them. I’m in the exact same boat as everybody else. I want to live, and I want my life to be happy. I get super happy when the morning sun peeps into my bedroom to say good morning, also when a sudden breeze blows, sing a  rhyme or line
so here goes the poem I penned that sum up my ideas on happiness.


With Hubby
Traveling gives me happiness
Here goes

High to low. then up to down,
life’s a roller coaster from smiles to frowns.
Raindrops give me joy,
and so does a squeaky soft toy.
A rose, a song, a chuckle, a wink,
A hug, a flying kiss, a handshake, a drink.
A good book, a doorbell, a parcel, a smoothie,
A long drive, a furry cat, a jingle, a movie.
All these are simple reasons to be happy.
This happiness is more than the value of money.
Happiness can be found in a silly joke.
or even a chilled bottle of coke.
Happiness for me is the chirping of birds,
And chicken biryani with a dollop of curd.
My Life is a present, I treasure it, don’t you?
I have my own rules and break them too.
We waste our time trying to find happiness in things we desire,
We need to remember to be happy with what we have and require.
Keep your feet on the ground,
Wear a smile, not a frown.
Happiness will knock on your door,
And beg to be around for sure.
Happiness be mine forever,
Happiness doesn’t leave me ever.

happiness makes the world go round

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 I would like to introduce you to amazing blogger Princy a mother of two beautiful children who believe that life is all about learning and sharing.
And a gracious thanks to Manisha  Winner of BlogRock 2017- Lifestyle blog category, for my introduction.

Ciao, this is Sweetannu signing off. Hope my post – Happiness Makes the World go round made you a wee bit happier.

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