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Handmade Portrait Paintings – Best Father’s Day Gift

Best Father’s Day Gift!!

“Kept me in shadow and let himself burn in the sun, I have seen an angel in the shadow of my father.”
This couplet clearly represents the sacrifices and love of a father towards his child. No one can love the way a father loves his son, it is not shown to the world but hidden in the softest part of his heart.

There is a difference between the love of a father and mother towards their children. The love of a mother is like art and poetry, it is filled with passion and is clearly visible. On the other hand, the love of a father towards his son is like integration and differentiation, too hard to understand. And if you are from Northern India it is more like Income tax, if you have enough courage, then go ahead and try to understand.

Father’s Day, unlike Mother’s Day, is underrated. Maybe for just one day, but that man deserves to be treated in a special way. The people who say their father is not emotional have never hugged their father.

When it comes to gifts, a handmade gift is one of a kind, they express your emotions in a different way. Paintings are the gifts that melt the heart at a different temperature., An innovative venture brings this idea to reality. They are a team of professionals and experienced artists who are tremendously passionate about their work. They create mind-blowing masterpieces out of your favourite photographs. You can choose from a wide range of art styles and mediums.

All that you need to do is choose the art style, upload your favourite picture, select your desired size and order. Boom! You are done.
The team will help you out with everything later on. All the paintings are 100% hand-painted and truly custom. The personal touch is all that you must be seeking in your “The Gift”.

If you are stuck with choosing the perfect art style, here are a few tips that might help.


Best Father’s Day Gift

If you are more of a black and white person and like things to be classier, this is what you have been looking for. A black and white custom charcoal sketch is best suited for your father’s office or reading room. All blending shading, portrayal, contrast and raw feel are so perfect and warm enough to melt anyone’s heart.


Best Father’s Day Gift

If he’s the sort of guy who’s into colours and has a child hidden inside of him, this ones for him. Oil painting is done on linen canvases, and if preserved properly can survive for more than 100 years. So, get ready to see that piece of art in your house till the last breath escapes your lips.


Another kind of painting, an old-school technique, is watercolour painting. They may be simple but are joyful, colourful, and detailed. The splashed colour on canvas will take your heart away. If your father tries to find happiness in small things, then water colour paintings are one a kind which will put a smile on his face.


Best Father’s Day Gift

If you are confused between watercolor and charcoal sketches, then you must go for Color Pencil Drawing. These are colorful sketches that have both the colorfulness of watercolor paintings, and the classiness of charcoal sketches. This is the type of painting you can fall for.

Father’s Day is the day to celebrate with the person who has been with you from day one and has never left your side. The one who’s always believed in you, and has always prayed for your success.
Father’s love, as I said, is hard to understand. You need something extremely emotional to make it visible, and these paintings are one of those. Must try all these and let me know in the comment section which of these paintings will be the gift for your father this Father’s Day. The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever.
Happy Father’s Day!

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