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Get that trendy and fashionable look through Status Quo.

When we say fashion, quite a few brands hit our minds. They can be online or offline, but one brand has been showing up on almost all social media lately: the Status Quo. So, just as the name suggests, if you want to maintain the status Quo in the fashion world, wearing it will make it easier for you.

Status Quo is a brand with various fashion outfits and accessories under its domain. They have its caps and t-shirts and tracks for men and also has them in the women’s section. This exclusive brand can be termed as a good, durable and sporty brand that one can have. The fabric used in the Status Quo fashion is high quality, which lasts longer than usual clothes. But, it’s not always about individual garments. It’s how you club them together. These t-shirts can be paired with tracks and a cap, and you get a sporty look instantly! To get trendy looks through Status Quo, let’s dive into the list below!

1. Colorblock Sweatshirts

Color block is the new fashion. We can see it in clothes and shoes and hair color. But, this brand has basic color block sweatshirts that are fashionable for all skin and body types. Grab one now!

status Quo baseball cap

2. A Baseball Cap

A baseball cap can be proven to be an essential accessory in the men’s fashion world. So having one to yourself is a must. Status Quo has monochrome color baseball caps and also bright colored ones. You can choose whichever you like and wear them on any casual outfit and trust me, and you’ll look cooler than you expected!

3.A Bucket Hat

A bucket hat can be used by men as women too. It looks prettier on the women when they wear it with loose cargo and Tees or even when they wear it on a pretty floral dress. A bucket hat is a round hat that fits the forehead and is highly fashionable. It has them in 2 colors, Black and Beige, and they are stunning colors!



Look easily upscale by wearing a green Comedy Central printed T-Shirt from Status Quo. This T-Shirt displays a round neck that renders it chic. In addition, the short sleeves emphasize its look. Not just this, but there are a variety of tshirts for men and women that the brand has and are very cool for casual outings or daily wear.


status quo shorts

5.Camouflage Shorts

Wearing shorts for men is an absolute style quotient; hence, status Quo has the most fabulous shorts under their brand. They have them printed and striped and even solid. They’re in trend and can be paired with their t-shirts, caps, or hats to make you look more stylish. 

So, what out of these have you already added to your cart? Let us know!

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