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Get the Ensure Advantage in 2018

Get The Ensure advantage today

Being a food blogger means constantly trying out new and heavy dishes at restaurants. Experimenting with different food can be really unhealthy and adds to the stress of putting on weight. In fact, it’s even more difficult as I have a big sweet tooth and can never end a meal without indulging in those sinful desserts.

Getting the right nutrition to #EnsureAStronger2018  

I found this amazing website that motivates people like us to take a pledge to #EnsureAStronger2018, I have taken a pledge to improve my lifestyle and encourage you to do so too! Improving my lifestyle can seem like an impossibly lofty goal but I am all set to give it a try. Changing everything about it all at once is probably not realistic, but there are lots of small changes that will improve my physical, emotional, and mental well-being, I decided to take baby steps, start small by making one or two changes at a time. So here it goes:

Sweetannu in Gym

  1. Exercise – I began working out thrice a week, and then increased to 5 days. With a mix of cardio and weights, my body ached initially but now I am beginning to like the sweet pain.
  2. Avoid Temptation–  I have stopped buying ice cream, chocolates and farsan because I know if they were in my house, I’d eat them.
  3.  Declutter -I plan to declutter my living space by getting rid of things I don’t use on a regular basis. For starters, I’ll give away my old books and clothes to charity.  Next thing on my agenda is to clear out all those jars of Mayo, ketchup and pickles that have been accumulated in my fridge over 2017.

  1. Travel –   I am definitely taking a long holiday this year, just like back in 2016 when I visited Jordan with my daughter Zenia– a dream turned into a reality and one off my travel bucket list.

Am I forgetting the most important thing I need to change?


  1. Eat healthily – So no more ghee on my roti and calorie-laden desserts after meals. A well balanced nutritious meal is what I need. It is essential to get the right type and amount of foods to support a healthy lifestyle.Getting the Ensure advantage to #EnsureAStronger2018


Recently I have been advised by my gym instructor and nutritionist to have Ensure – a drink that provides nutrition to stay strong and active. So my post workout regime is two scoops of Ensure in hot water/milk. I love the vanilla flavour and the fact it is low in sugar. It gives my body the required nutrients while the complete, balanced nutrition you get from Ensure can help you stay healthy, active, and energetic. Drinking Ensure daily is a boon, loving the taste and its keeping away from junk. Its nutri-strength complex gives me the strength and nutrition to stay active and fit.

Ensure, recommended brand worldwide, provides all essential food groups that your body needs as it ages. 2 glasses of ensuring daily, provide you with nutrients like proteins, calcium, vitamin D and 28 other nutrients that could be missing from your diet.

Hope you think healthy too in 2018 and get the Ensure advantage like I did. You can order Ensure from online portals like Big Basket, Grofers, and Amazon at a discounted rate. #EnsureAStronger2018


A preschool teacher, social media influencer, lifestyle & food blogger. Added hobbies are travel, movies, and fashion, going for events, socializing, networking and making new friends.


  • Purnima Nanavati

    Fab article!When my fav person in the whl world posts an article like she is having a conversation with us i just love it.Its like cuddling to enid blyton isnt it!Wowie!Ur off to a fab start to 2018!Health!Energy!Travel!Exercise!Not in tht order but yes all good.Hope u out-do urself and ensure is there to take care of tht.3cheers i say to u???


    A fab start the New Year 2018 ! Health!Energy!Travel!Exercise!
    Because in the end you have to Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live .

    An awesome Post that bring to the fore that its time to keeping away from junk food and obtain the required nutrients while the complete, balanced nutrition you get from Ensure can help one stay healthy, active, and energetic after all Health is Wealth. #EnsureAStronger2018 to stay healthy, active, and energetic.

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