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Fun Barbecue nights at Hyatt Regency


Everyone works hard on weekdays while looking forward to spend an enjoyable Friday night with friends and family. An outdoor set up by the pool with pretty lights and chilled out music. The Cool October breeze that ruffles your hair and the whiff off fresh barbecued meats on the grill. Welcome to   at Hyatt Regency Mumbai to enjoy unlimited grills and alcohol by their poolside. This can be enjoyed every Friday till March.

For the Meat lover

When you come for a BBQ Night, there has to be some grilled, barbequed meats along with some kebabs, and more.

That’s my hot plate

A special mention to the delicious pork sausage and the fabulous Cajun spiced charred chicken. 

Vegetarian need not fear

There are plenty of vegetarian options too. And special care is taken to prepare the vegetarian grills separately. The paneer however was a tad bit sweet for some reason.

Yummy skewers, brinjal, cottage cheese & potatoes.
Grilling away with a smile
Delicious Veg platter
Greens, spreads, dips and breads.
Say Cheers at Hyatt Regency

Barbecue nights would be incomplete without a bar. Its bar time, bar bar lagataar.
Check out the well stocked up outdoor poolside bar. Options of beer, cocktails, mocktails, wines can be availed of along with the food.

The happy Bartender
Stax Sling it is
Spin the roulette and get free shots and drinks

End it on a sweet note

My meal at Hyatt Regency was incomplete without a taste of something sweet. Hyatt Regency Barbecue nights dessert table to my rescue.

Hyatt Regency
Fresh fruit or gooey brownie?
Apple Crumble pudding
Indulge happily

Summary from Sweetannu

Overall, out of all the grills we tried, we enjoyed most of the marinated meats. A decent spread of dishes and worth a visit if you enjoy celebrating Fridays. Aur phir mad walli selfie toh banti hai boss!!
Kya kool hai hum
  A special thanks to JW Sahar & FBAI for extending their kind invitation.
Make your Friday nights fun nights too at  HyattRegencyMumbai
For reservations call 66961624


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