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Finger licking Charcoal Biryani

Charcoal Biryani Story.

My story starts in the same way any fairytale starts ” Once upon a time…… there was a happy Biryani loving family aka The Irani Family. They enjoy every grain of rice on the plates, licking their fingers clean. This story ends with belly full of yummy biryani they lived happily ever after.”

The Origin of Biryani.

Biryani originated in Persia and might have taken couple of different routes to arrive in India.Biryani came and stayed forever in every part of India.  Festivals, weddings, buffets are incomplete without biryani, right?

The New Charcoal Biryani


Its an app based Biryani delivery service. They deliver to 10 different areas at the moment and will be delivering all across Mumbai  within the next 2 months. Charcoal has been created by Ex Two One Two Bar & Grill Chefs Mohammed & Mikhail. The menu looks quite wholesome and full of variety for vegetarians and non vegetarian.

SweetAnnu samples.

biryani 4

biryani 5
Delectable Lamb biryani
biryanbi 6
Aromatic Chicken Tikka biryani
biryani 7
Tender lamb biryani
Each of the  biryanis was  served  in a convenient box with a side of yogurt as well as disposable cutlery and paper napkins, so you don’t have to worry about any extras. I liked the creative packaging, really classy and bold. I got to try three types of biryani in the menu.
1) Afghani Chicken Biryani
2) Lamb Biryani
3) Chicken Tikka Biryani
 My personal favourite
1) Afghani Chicken Biryani
Smoky and soft reshmi kebabs cooked in spiced rice, where the rice itself carries a smokey flavor, this biryani  was so flavoursome. The well cooked tender pieces of chicken took this biryani to a fine dining level. Truly well cooked and enjoyable. Take a bow Chefs. At INR 175/- it was totally worth it.
2) Lamb Biryani
A spicy yellow well cooked Biryani served up with soft succulent lamb pieces. What I enjoyed was the bite size fried potatoes. It was still nice and hot in the container. Another winner that evening on the Irani dining table. Biryani priced at INR 250/-
3) Chicken Tikka Biryani 
The juicy soft boneless tikkas had a enjoyable  spice flavour.  A wee bit spicy for my liking that hit the back of my palate. But when had with curd  it was enjoyable, spice added the  lingering after taste. INR 175/-Final Verdict
I suggest if you’re a fan of biryanis do not give Charcoal  a miss. Excite your taste buds  with this unique taste you will only be asking for more.
 Further details
TIMING: 11 30 am to 11 30pm
DAYS: Monday to Sunday
APP NAME: Charcoal Biryani
CALL CENTRE NO. 9022500500
biryani 8



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