Paper plate craft for kids
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More Fine Motor Skills for Kids

 Fine Motor Skills For Kids

The net is like a vast ocean full of ideas and activities for fine motor skills for kids. Here I stumbled on a site, here activities suited for age 4+ kids who have been introduced to the pencil yet need to further strengthen their pincer grip and eye-hand coordination.

These activities on fine motor skills for kids are a great help when it comes to developing your child’s writing. These activities focus on motor skill development by improving the muscles in the fingers and hands, strengthening hand grip, and developing wrist movement. Kids are sure to have a blast with these activities and will be developing important skills without even knowing it.

Paper Crafts with Glue and Glitter

This is teacher guided as the child has to follow the way it is written. This can also be made in print format depending on the method the school follows. Small Boards with the upper case letters written on them given to the child. Liquid glitter glue is squeezed out on a paper plate. The child has to outline the letter using a dropper.

Fine Motor Skills For Kids

Xmas Activity to Enhance Fine Motor Skills in Kids

An excellent Xmas time activity. Kids love to use a scissor. They cut out the strips of card paper, make paper rings, arrange it in ascending order 3-2-1 and decorate each circle with tidbits and pieces of shiny paper, buttons, sequences or craft waste. You can give them a clothespin and paint with cotton too. They can dab inside the letter of the day taught to them. It’s a hit activity. The kids will love you and be occupied happily.



Fine motor activities

Straw Necklaces to string

Here the child strings fine straws which have narrow passages and require more concentration and eye-hand coordination. Bright colourful straws will be more effective as the child might get irritated and bored with doing this as he has previously done beads.

Paper plate craft for kids
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Paper plate Crafts

This is such a fun activity for kids. Don’t we all love bending, cutting, sticking on a plate to create an animal of a puppet of some sort? Nothing beats crafting with a frugal material and we can all agree paper plate craft is a hit with small kids.
Feather trnsfer

Feather Transfer

For this activity, you need a wooden clothes peg, two bowls and a bunch of colourful feathers. The child transfers each feather he picks up with the help of the clothespin and directs it to the other bowl. This enhances his concentration and eye-hand coordination as well.

I personally don’t like the use of any food items while conducting activities with children. In a poor country like India where we see children eating from the dustbin, it is criminal to use onion, food grain and pasta for fine motor activities. However, food colour is used because that is anyway harmful for consumption.


These are just a few activities listed on the site. However, there are lots more challenging and interesting ones you may want to check out the educational sites on the Internet.


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