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F – Fun activities to do in Quarantine with family.

Fun activities to do in Quarantine

The next two to three weeks are going to be tough. We are all shaken up due to the Corona virus situation. At any normal condition we stay at home out of choice but this time it is confinement due to lockdown, much-needed yet difficult beyond a point in time. 

There are definitely some fun activities to do in Quarantine with your family.

1. Reading – Set a time table. With the entry of the mobile phone era, no one wants to read books. Gather all those half-read novels, comics, and set a particular time in the day when you can read a few pages.

Fun activities to do in Quarantine

2. Indoor Gardening – If you love indoor plants and gardening, Quarantine is the best time to do so. Potted plants can be redone by mixing the soil and fertilizer and potting it again. Add the used tealeaves (without milk) to the soil for added plant minerals. One can even grow some wheat, beans or coriander seeds. They grow very quickly. Use old plastic bottles, try to be as creative as you can.

 3. Bird Watching – Living on higher floors has its own advantage. Get out your binoculars and look out for birds in the trees. Even if you can spot 5 species, note it down and do google research on them.

4. Start a YouTube channel/ TikTok  – Not too late to start a youtube channel or download Tiktok. Its fun uploading your previous videos and making new ones with your children.

Fun activities to do in Quarantine

5. Find a Free Online Course – During tough times like these many online educational institutions have reached out to offer free online courses. I just discovered a free course on creative writing.

6. Check out Exercise Videos – Some really innovative and fun videos I searched online help exercising on the spot. I would recommend that makes you walk a mile just in one spot with 4 basic leg and hand movements.

Fun activities to do in Quarantine

7. Play Board Games/ Card games with kids – Jenga, scrabble, Go Fish, Solitaire, Uno, Old Maid… Any game you can think of! Other can get back to an old hobby. Find brain teasers online, or in newspapers. Also try to solve riddles, crossword, puzzles, Sudoku, its a great time pass.

8. Video call with friends – Quarantine or not there’s still plenty of ways to stay in good health. Avoid negative chatting and gossips. Indulge in positive chats discussing topics of mutual interest.

Fun activities to do in Quarantine

9. Practice Yoga – another fun activity for you during Quarantine is yoga. It is so powerful that it help reduce stress, improve immunity and keeps you grounded, calm and in a happy frame of mind.

10. Spring Cleaning –  Clean out the closet, draw the curtains and try out some clothes you have never worn before. You can pack the clothes you want to discard to give away later.

Fun activities to do in Quarantine

11. Beauty Treatments – Have a pampering facial! Try your face mask with curd, beetroot and multani mitti. This type of self care is helpful for anxiety, stress. Face Masks have a cooling effect besides bringing a glow on the face.

12. Update your CV – It must have been a while since you last updated your CV. Use this opportunity to create your latest resume.

13. Adult Colouring – One can never get tired of colouring at any age. Turning a black and white sheet into a colorful art is something we all enjoy. Download printable versions of these beautiful patterns and borrow your kid’s crayons to color them.

14. Cook and Bake – Search for your old recipe books and try to bake some cookies, cakes, brownies. Anything! Baking is a good activity to do with kids,. They learn to measure ingredients, mix and patiently wait for the output. Don’t forget to specify on cleaning up together before you start the activity

15. Domino Trail – We have all played the real game of Dominoes. But have you tried to make a Domino Trail?  Stack the Dominoes vertically one behind the other and then push the first one in a row on to the second one. It will make a ripple effect and all the dominoes will topple down. You can then try out some complex designs after mastering the basics. Voted as one of the top fun activities to do in Quarantine, world over.

16. Indoor Picnic – Announce to your kids, that evening time will be picnic time. Instead of the boring sit down nashta on the table; grab a bedsheet, and lay out the plates and enjoy your snacks. Sing some songs or just enjoy these fun moments together.

17. Play Basketball – Gather all the balls you have in your house along with a cardboard box that can serve as a tub. If you don’t have that, you can even use a bucket. See that there are no dangerous elements like glassware or a low fan which can be hazardous while playing. Now just make a score sheet. Take three chances each, aim and throw. Make a cardboard medal or crown for the one who wins.

Hope you enjoyed my Fun activities to do in Quarantine. If you have any other ideas do share with me in the comments below.

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  • Amar Singh

    It is strange how we all started using different things to do and try to keep us sane though this whole pandemic. I must say gardening is something I had never trued much yet found it very interesting and soothing through this whole lock down. I am sure each has found what gives them happiness and calm though this unprecedented times and hope we all get through this fast. Some real good things on your list and I might give some of the others a shot. Thanks

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