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Trident food festival Menu and Review

The best of the Trident Food Festival

Hail the Dragon because  Chinese Master Chef Zong Shou Chen from The Oberoi – Gurgaon brings his fiery Asian cuisine to Mumbai. I recently got the opportunity to dine at “The 022 Restaurant” at the Trident Hotel that is offering an Asian Cuisine food festival namely “ENTER THE DRAGON” for 10 days, they’re serving up some delicious, spectacular spread. Authentic Chinese food is a lot more than Hakka noodles and triple Shezwan with a lot of garlic and Soya sauce.



Named after Mumbai’s telephone code, 022  is so spacious, beautiful, has monochromatic interiors which are classy and modern. There is an instant upliftment of mood and a sense of having a wonderful dining experience the moment you enter 022. The warm greetings of the hostess was just a start to the grand fine dining experience. They also have an open show-kitchen near the buffet area that so that you can see the food getting prepared by the chefs on stations.

Copy of IMAG1926_1

Executive Chef Ashish Bhasin of Trident, BKC  is a very experienced Senior chef who managed the entire menu and functioning of the 022. He pleasantly visited our table introducing the concept of the ‘ Enter the Dragon food fest.’ Working on more than just soya, garlic, chilly and pepper was his aim, he wanted to bring out the true authentic flavours of Chinese, Cantonese, and Asian cooking. Aji no moto is a banned item in his kitchen.

I surveyed the food counters with Chef Ashish Bhasin before I began the serious business of eating. Sipping on a specially recommended Kaffir Lime soda was very refreshing that evening.

Food  Menu at Trident Food Festival

There were counters set up and each station was supervised by a chef.
We started with the live station.

Trident food
These were served at our table


Sushi Station 

Sushi could not be missed because  Chef Cecep was on board to put up some spectacular looking and tasting Sushi.

Trident food

Salad Counter

For the diet conscious foodie but definitely not me.  I did try the Asian lamb salad and quite liked the unique blend of flavours.

Chinese tofu, citrus fruits and ginger sesame dressing Gado Gado salad Asian lamb salad with snowpeas and spouts, Nonya chicken with cucumber and Pok Choy Sichuan Paste, Soy sauce, Chili vinegar



Starters came piping hot to the table. A special mention to the prawns in hot pot sauce and the Chicken tikkas went so well with the mint sauce.

Crispy potato with hot pot sauce and Paneer tikka
Prawn in hot pot sauce and Chicken Tikka
Main Course

The spread across the main course was pretty extensive, There was a specially planned Pan Asain menu along with the regular buffet, so I’m only talking about the significant dishes I tried. All were spiced and perfect in taste. I especially enjoyed the Yangzao fried rice with prawn Thai curry. It was creamy and flavoursome with well cooked tender fresh prawns and vegetables.

Asian cuisine
Chicken in hot garlic sauce


udon noodle and potatoes braised in mirin and kikkoman sauce


Stir fry of cabbage, snow peas and carrots with chinkyang vinegar


Trident food
Thai green curry with prawns


Fish kung pao


Yangzao fried rice


Trident food
Stir fried noodles with vegetables

If you visiting  022 you must keep stomach space for the soft Cheese Paratha and Masala Kulcha, they go well with any main course dish but for me I had it plain. Wow!! So yummy, so soft, so tasty that it  melted away in the mouth.

Along with the #Enterthedragon festival dishes, there were an equal number of dishes of International and Indian cuisine, which may appeal to every palate.

Cheeses, cold cuts and dips

IMAG1913Trident food


Desserts were different too. I loved the Jasmine tea Tiramisu which was light, not too sweet and had that soothing jasmine tea flavour. Happy I choose this amongst all that lovely array of dessert display. The Date and walnut crisp was prepared in front of me at a live station was then served up with almond honey ice cream. It was for a total treat for a sweet toothed person like me.

Jasmine tea Tiramisu
Date Crispy with Ice cream

Loads of other droolworthy desserts that cant be missed.


Trident foodIMAG1896

Budget Bites

The buffet is priced at Rs. 2400/- plus taxes, and fares decently well in the Value For Money department among five-star establishments. The buffet is not something I’d splurge on an everyday basis but is worth a visit for celebrations and occasions. So visit The Trident- BKC for their Enter then Dragon festival which is ongoing till 31st July.
Trident, Bandra Kurla, Mumbai
C-56, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex,
Mumbai 400 051, India

Reservation –022 66727777
( SweetAnnu was invited by Trident – BKC and dined they’re by invitation)

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    The spread looks so tempting. Difficult to choose what to eat first. Description of food items is commendable.

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