Egypt sightseeing
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E – Enchanting Egypt Sightseeing Spots #A2ZChallenge

Egypt sightseeing

Egypt sightseeing – Since childhood, Enchanting Egypt has been on the very top of my travel bucket list. For the longest time history was my favourite subject, from the 4th grade to a Masters degree in history, I owe it all to Egyptian history and the intriguing mummies. Lol!!

Enchanting Egypt always been a dream destinations tourist world over. The Mummies to Spynx, this mystical land fascinates almost everyone. For centuries, the iconic Pyramids of Giza have held visitors under their magic spells.

Egypt sightseeing

Our Itinerary- Egypt sightseeing

Blessed to have had the opportunity to visit Egypt more than a decade ago. It was an educational trip organized by the school authorities for kids, their parents, and teachers. Four teachers from our section decided to join the school trip. During our trip, we traveled to Cairo, took the cruise along the River Nile with sightseeing trips of Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel. Our final stop was Hurghada to relax our sandy feet while we dip in the Red Sea. Smartphones were rare back then, I had a small digital camera that’s all and not a single selfie. Read on to find out the places we visited.

Egypt Pyramids Cairo

Cairo – Capital of Enchanting Egypt

Pyramids and Sphinx

After a nice heavy multi-cuisine buffet breakfast we took the convoy buses to the main Pyramid area. The first glimpse from the bus got tears in my eyes, I wept for joy. This is a really big site, you will want to walk (or take a camel) around three of the main pyramids, the Sphinx, and the surrounding terrain. The trip to the Sphinx is ten minutes downhill walk. The flock of enthusiastic tourists amazed me, the thought-provoking question of a human head on the feline body is yet to be revealed by historians.

The mask of Tutankhamun

The Egyptian Museum

You will see Egyptian treasures of every kind. With solid gold mask, mummy belt, cases and jewelry, tombs, thrones, artifacts, and so much more interesting things. Just standing beside the world-famous Gold Mask of King Tut, took my breath away. The main highlights of the Egyptian Museum would have to be King Tutankhamun’s gold-gilded throne and the Royal Mummies Hall. I got an eerie feeling and a shiver down my spine.

Temple luxor Egypt

Abu Simbel

We visited the ancient, restored temple at Abu Simbel the next day. The Abu Simbel temples are two colossal rock temples at a village in Nubia, Upper Egypt, near the border with Sudan. The gigantic statues in front of the temple of Ramesses II were nothing I have ever seen in my life. Nearby the main complex lies another temple dedicated to Queen Nefertari. Another impressive temple carved on a side of a mountain.

Nile cruise

Nile Cruise

We took a two-night cruise trip along the river Nile. Still, remember the slow movement of the vessel. Each morning we docked and after breakfast was taken to see temples and tombs. The river ride was a once in a lifetime experience. Our boat was rather small but nonetheless, it even had a small swimming pool on the deck. We girls took a midnight swim under the starry Egyptian sky.


There is much more to see at Luxor. This is where the most talked-about Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens is located. You can tour many of the tombs, with walls and ceilings covered in paintings and hieroglyphics, and also admire the Colossi of Memnon. The Colossi are two somewhat worse-for-the-wear seated statues, 18 meters high. Carved into the mountain that borders the Valley of the Kings, many of her statues and pillars still stand intact. I still recollect the long walk we took to reach the site. Carry a lot of water if you traveling in Summer. One of the best Egypt sightseeing spots on my list. And everyone must check out the unusual activities like liveaboard too.

Hurghada red sea

Hurghada – The Best of Egypt sightseeing

The last day in Egypt was spent in this beautiful town of Hurghada. Hurghada is well known for its beach resorts. One can pursue activities like scuba diving and deep sea diving. We took a long motorboat ride into the Red Sea. Strange the color of the red sea was blue and not red. Lol!!.

This Egyptian holiday was a multi-sensorial experience with pleasant surprises at every turn with amazing Egypt sightseeing and tourist places to visit. Glad I got an opportunity to pen them down.

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