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Effective Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind

Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind

We are exposed to chemicals everywhere, even in the air we breathe. The foods we intake in our daily life are full of chemicals, the cosmetics and other household items we use also contain it. In the present situation we are constantly using hand sanitizers to prevent ourselves from the covid virus; this is also nothing but a chemical compound formulated to kill the virus.

These chemicals enter our bodies through our mouth, nose eyes, and skin and cause some form of damage or the other. In such situations, it is a good, healthy measure to detoxify our body. So let us explore the effective ways to detox your body naturally.

Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind

1. Eat Fresh 

One needs to consume foods that are closest to their natural form. With foods that are processed, we run the risk of consuming preservatives and other harmful ingredients. It adds the number of sugars and calories. Most of the ready-to-eat packaged foods contain additives like MSG, BHT, Trans Fats, and Sodium Nitrate that are harmful to health. You can start by saying no to packaged foods. Need to go for whole grain instead of maida rich bakery products like biscuits and cakes. One needs to eat clean to support the body’s immune system and natural cleansing mechanism. 

2. Deep Breathing

Nothing like taking in a good amount of oxygen in the outdoors. You can breathe in deeply at 3 counts, hold your breath and then release slowly for 3 counts. These charges up all the cells and neutrons in the body, increasing the blood flow and compelling the body to throw out toxins like carbon dioxide. The benefits of yoga, prayanams, and breathing exercises are known for its numerous benefits to the body.

Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind

3. Guzzle on Water 

Did you know 60 percent of the human body is made up of water? We must consume a good intake of water as it helps flush toxins through urination. It also helps in regulating the body temperature and aids in digestion. Not drinking water at regular intervals causes dehydration, which leads to piling up of toxins. A good practice would be to start your day with a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice, and also continue to have plenty of water throughout the day. 

4. Sleep Well

A good eight hours night’s sleep is known to have a positive impact on your mind and body. Night sleep relieves you of all that stress from your day’s activities. It rejuvenates the mind and body, and on awakening gives you a fresh feeling.

5. Take a Break from Digital Devices

According to recent researches, the shocking analysis proves that an average adult spends around 11 hours every day listening,  watching, reading, or interacting with media. You may not calculate your time spent on a mobile phone but this technology is acting as a drug for your brain and makes you addicted. Related studies have shown a connection between social media and depression. The latest show on Netflix- The Social Dilemma is an eye-opener in this direction.

Some tips to go on Digital Detox

  1. Keep busy in real activities like reading, puzzles rather than doing the same on mobile phones or laptops.
  2. You can turn off social media notifications.
  3. Take a stand and be aware of the mobile apps that are taking most of your time.
  4. Impose a restriction and not touch your phone during mealtime or visit the bathroom.

Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind

6. Practice Meditation 

Our minds are accustomed to constantly over thinking, especially in times like these. Jumping to conclusions and making assumptions without thinking is the common practice and trend. This leads to loss of energy, and negative thinking, leading to depression. Switching off our brain at bedtime seems impossible due to this practice. All these thoughts play on your mind and pass on to the body to make you sick. 

Meditation is proven to be a powerful tool to help the mind and body to detox. It reduces mental stress and reserves energy, and even prevents over thinking by the brain. Physically you become more active and alert.

Final thoughts

As a vehicle needs frequent maintenance, cleaning, and fueling, so does our human body and mind needs regular detox through eating right, thinking bright, and feeling correct for effective functioning. That’s what will make a complete transformation to your overall wellbeing.
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