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Dream Destination around the World

Dream Destination Meaning

If you are a travel freak and dreaming of a destination anywhere around the globe for your next travel escapade then that is definition of ‘Dream Destination Meaning’. It is the desire of getting to a destination and your need  to accomplish or obtain it.

What’s your dream destination?
What would be your dream destination if there was no worry about the budget or time? Well I have many destinations all over the world that I wish to visit in the near future. I  have made a list and have been saving up my money to fulfill my travel dreams I will start from the seven wonders of the world. Lucky to have visited two of them from the list.
Dream Destination Meaning
Off My dream destination list
1. The Taj Mahal – When the First Asian Games held in New Delhi way back in 1982. I was in school and went on the school trip which was arranged for us. I do remember the freezing cold and the train journey. However, my memory of the Taj is vivid coz we were taken at night. Unfortunately, don’t have a picture to post. Coz if I would have traveled in this Era, I would have definitely taken loads of them and selfie of Me and the Majestic Taj.
Dream Destination Meaning
2. Pyramids of Giza –  There was a special trip arranged by school authorities  to Egypt. It was a school trip but nonetheless a lot of fun. We were four teachers along with a whole bunch of students making it a group of 88 people. It was a thrilling experience, to see the Spinx and Pyramids in such close proximity was a lifetime experience.
Wish to visit
Dubai- Burj Khalifa. The tallest structure in the world. A beautiful mesmerizing building.
Dream Destination Meaning
Paris – People generally dream about the place they want to see. They always wanted to go to that place that can provide them peace and comfort. All people have a dream destination in their life. My most precious dream destination is Paris in France. The Eiffel tower is calling out to me after I have seen the Movie- Queen starring Kangana Ranaut. It was such a rocking film.
Some more places I am passionate about visiting and exploring are Switzerland, China, Burma, and Peru. Some times I just search and read about places and destinations of lesser interest to tourists too.  It’s truly a stunning and astonishing fact that how a small country and the beauty of nature possess extraordinary varieties of attraction.
And now for some of the beaches, I’d most like to visit someday during my travels. I’m leaving out places like Hawaii and Bora Bora and Seychelles and other pretty places in the South Pacific, simply because I think those are a given; everyone wants to go lie on a beach in Tahiti, don’t they? Some of my picks are perhaps a little less conventional.
Let’s hope I can strike off some of the destinations on my list.  I have been saving up for my travel expeditions. and will not rest until I pursue it while I am fit and active. What’s the sense to travel when I will have rickety bones and can’t climb stairs.
“Positive I am always and that’s I way I tend to be.
You are welcome to share my dreams and travel with all the way with me”.

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