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Dispelling the Myths of Palm Oil – Online MPOC Webinar

Dispelling the Myths of Palm Oil – With the world economy being impacted by the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, import policies for major commodities were affected. This also impacted the Palm oil imports from Malaysia. At the start of the current year, Palm Oil imports from Malaysia were influenced by the public authority declaring an adjustment in the open import strategy to confine refined palm oil imports.

Besides the impact of Palm oil imports, it has also been seen that the palm oil industry is in the news lately over accusations about its effects on wildlife and its natural habitats and also the region’s ecological health. But in a recent webinar hosted by the MPOC (Malaysian Palm Oil Council) I got to understand the facts dispelling the Myths of Palm Oil. This Webinar was held on Google Meetings on Friday Nov 13, 12 pm – 1 pm for a selected group of bloggers.  

Dispelling the Myths of Palm Oil
Ms Bhavna Addressing all the Bloggers

Flow of the event

There was a brief Introduction of each blogger before Ms Priyanka Verma welcomed Ms. Bhavna Shah, the Country Representative, of MPOC .

She addressed all the bloggers attending the meeting. Firstly she introduced Ms Avni who has recently joined the organization and applauded her dedication, hard work and strength. 

Ms Bhavna Shah started with an interesting story about a young boy who participated in a Science Fair. Which created a lot of hype in the story but ultimately reached the conclusion that we perceive what is put forth to us, instead of understanding the deeper issues and actual facts.

My key take away from this informative Google Meeting was to look beyond the media hype and negative coverage on Palm Oil. I know for sure that the MPOC is following the protocol and standards required laid down by the Government.

Palm Oil being a highly versatile vegetable oil is in high demand worldwide compared to other oils. It can be used in the production of everything from margarine to soaps to biofuel. Largely used in the HORECA Industry. (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes)

The easing of Lockdown has been hardest on the HORECA industry which was the main user of Palm oil. With home cooking taking a front seat, the government sees the need to import more vegetable oils like Sunflower and Soya. This shift of priority has impacted on Palm Oil imports, that has taken a back seat.

After a brief Q&A session with a few of the bloggers clearing their doubts. We concluded the session with a group photograph and a positive note to meet again in the near future. This Dispelling the Myths of Palm Oil was indeed an eye-opener.

Dispelling the Myths of Palm Oil

Impressive Palm Oil

I am always very impressed by the fact that of all the oil crops, the Palm oil produces the highest yield per capita using the least number of resources. In addition to this, the high concentration of Vitamin A and K content and health benefits like:

  • improving vision,
  • preventing cardiovascular issues,
  • reducing the risk of cancer,                       
  •  natural skin moisturizer,
  •  improves hair growth,  
  • Supplies the body with Vitamin K, 
  • loaded with antioxidants,  

I have it in addition to other oils. Cheers to better health everyone decided to add a bottle of palm oil to my Grocery list and use it!

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