Discover The Finest Fabelle Chocolates at ITC Maratha, Mumbai

Discover fabelle Chocolates

No offense to guys out there, but it’s true that every women’s’ first love is undoubtedly chocolates, that is, after their dads of course! She may at first grumble about weight gain but secretly love you more for bringing her chocolates.

Discover fabelle Chocolates

Fairly new on the exquisite chocolate range made from the  finest cocoa imported from 6 countries and unique ingredients, and exquisitely crafted by master chocolatiers is FABELLE CHOCOLATES…

I was privileged to recently attend the Fabelle Chocolate Boutique launch in ITC Maratha, Mumbai. The evening saw a mix  of chocolate lovers, foodies, and blogger friends who gathered and bond over their love for chocolates and Discover fabelle Chocolates.

The flow of events of the evening
  1. Introduction to the heavenly world of Fabelle Chocolates, first luxury chocolate boutique in India.
  2.  Chocolatier Bhoomika introduced the three top selling signature desserts at Fabelle. Each one a visual treat. The taste was divine.creamy milk & rich dark. The emphasis is on its melt in the mouth texture- each dessert was hand crafted to deliver an incomparable experience..img20170121162618
  3. A visit to the Fabelle Boutique enhanced my knowledge and love for chocolate  This was a chocolate land, the aroma of chocolate engulfed me , I was ready to take on any amount of this luxury chocolate. The GANACHE, available in rich dark with Apple & Cinnamon was my favourite from the range. This NO BITE  velvety square was coated with a layer of cocoa powder that helps transform its texture from dull to smooth velvet in a few seconds.Discover fabelle Chocolates

    4. The Elements- handcrafted pralines which are inspired by the mystical elements of nature are  high quality with  unmatched  exotic ingredients. Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Wood.

    5. At the store you get to be an hand on  chocolatier too with AS YOU LIKE IT, personalized chocolate cup creations.
    * Choose your chocolate cup
    * Select a filling
    * Pick from a variety of toppings offered.

    And Voila!! Your creation is ready. 


    6. The Chocolate  Flower was one in a life time experience. A theatre of chocolate with melting ganache with  rich aromas that will entice all your senses.

    Discover fabelle Chocolates

    So don’t wait, get that unmatched chocolate experience and the taste of luxury chocolates by Fabelle. For more details check the Fabelle Chocolates website.

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